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What better way to bring it into your interior than round wall murals and round paintings? Find out by checking out the novelties from bimago! Harmony of Form is a collection of round canvas prints and round wall murals in truly unique and original round shapes!

Exciting patterns and timeless design are a recipe for subtle wall decoration. Get carried away by the circular patterns; the geometric shapes will bring balance to your home!

Round Canvas PrintsRound Canvas PrintsRound Canvas Prints
Round Canvas PrintsRound Canvas PrintsRound Canvas Prints

Let yourself be enchanted by circular canvas prints

Round shapes are a striking way to bring harmony and balance to any room. The smooth, rounded lines are pleasing to the eye, and the lack of sharp edges gives a feeling of security and cosiness. Therefore, the soft lines of the round wall decorations become soothing and are ideal as an original decoration in any home.

Among the harmony of form collection, you will find suggestions from which you will surely choose an ornament that suits you and your interior. Among our geometrically harmonious designs, you will discover circular muralscircular murals with botanical motifs, patterns and elegant marbles with a spilt gold motif.

A circular optical mural guarantees a quirky décor! Check out the round canvas prints and round murals from bimago and bring balance, harmony and stability into your home! Whether you want to add glamour or create a more subdued atmosphere, these products will help you achieve a harmonious finish to your composition.

Round Canvas PrintsRound Canvas PrintsRound Canvas Prints

Interior magic with circular wall murals

Are you looking for inspiration for harmonious interior design? Would you like to see what a living room or bedroom would look like decorated with selected elements? Be inspired by the round paintings and round wall murals from the Harmony of Form collection! Round shapes are a trend that will not go away any time soon. A round wall mural and an optical wall mural are not only a guarantee of aesthetic value!

It has not been known for a long time that the right environment positively affects your well-being, which in turn translates into your satisfaction with life. In response to this interior trend, we have created unique wall decorations in round shapes that will effectively transform your home. The circular canvas prints can be used in all parts of the house: from smaller pieces in the kitchen or dining room to large-format ones in the living room or bedroom.

With innovative wall decoration and fabrication techniques, you can make your dreams of an inspiring interior come true. One of the first elements that catch the eye of visitors to your home or office is.... the walls! They testify to a room's character and allow you to create a unique décor - discover the wall decorations and patterns from the Harmony of Form collection, choose your favourite motif and express yourself!