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Wall Mural for Office




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Although it is not working alone that man does, we stay within the four walls of our offices for most of the day. In such a situation, the design of the office becomes even more crucial. Depending on the chosen interior style, our wall murals for the office will promote concentration or stimulate creative enthusiasm. However, all wall murals for the office have a common denominator: they will beautify any space and make our time spent at work more enjoyable. 3D wall mural for the office from bimago will give a unique character and set the right mood in the room.

Office Wall Murals

In an office, a functional layout and appropriate arrangement will bring many benefits to many parties. On the one hand, employees spend a lot of time in the office space, so it is important to create the right environment for them to work in. On the other hand, for contractors and clients, the look of the office should show both the professionalism of the company and its character. That is why decorations in an office space should be properly selected. An office wall mural in the right style can work perfectly. A huge selection of designs makes it possible to find both neutral and universal decorations, as well as those reflecting the character and type of activity of a company. See our wall murals for office, with which you can successfully decorate your company headquarters. Arranging an office with a wall mural. An office wall mural can completely change the character of an interior, that's why it's worth exposing it properly. Such a wall decoration can be hung in the reception, the secretary's office or at the entrance, thanks to which our company will gain a good, first impression at the very beginning. Another ideal office space for placing wall murals is a conference room. In such a place, it's worth betting on an elegant and professional look. Expressive colours and geometric patterns will make both employees and contractors feel comfortable in the interior. In addition, you can add a splash of colour to the interior in this simple way. In such interiors, we can afford a more modern decoration. Original graphics, inscriptions or a city landscape will certainly harmonize well with the arrangement of the room. With a patterned wall mural, we can give the office space an individual character, tailored to our industry and the character of our company. Wall murals for office in a unique style. Depending on the industry and type of activity of our company, we can decide on different motifs for the wall murals that will be placed in our office:


Wall Murals For Corporate Offices

For interactive agencies, design and design companies we recommend colourful wall murals in modern patterns. 3D decorations, abstractions or patterns inspired by street art will reflect the creative character of our company. Such wall murals in offices will also make sure that we won't pass by such an arrangement indifferently, and will additionally give us positive energy. Accounting and legal offices can bet on elegant, subdued patterns, which will emphasise their professionalism. Companies of this nature can also decorate their premises with a cool office mural with urban landscapes. The world's most famous metropolises such as New York, London or Paris will certainly emphasise the international and innovative nature of the company. Travel agencies and companies providing services of this nature can bet on wall murals showing the most beautiful corners of the world or large-format maps of the world. Such decoration will certainly arouse the desire to travel and discover the world. In our offer, you can find wall murals with maps of the world in different styles. This allows you to decorate offices with this motif, both in vintage styling, and rooms with a more modern style. Companies selling specific products can use themed wall murals for corporate offices and showrooms. Such decoration in an indirect way can indicate the values of the company such as ecology, modernity, global character. Thanks to a wall mural, our company will gain in the eyes of customers and employees. Wall murals for offices of companies related to the IT industry should reflect the nature of their business. In this case, modern designs will be perfect. Wall murals with inscriptions and geometric motifs will be ideal in the headquarters of an innovative company. Companies, which provide their services remotely or online, e.g. call centres, can design their headquarters taking into account the needs of their employees. In this case, we can design the interior of the office less formally and more in such a way, that the interior releases positive energy and motivation. Wall murals in such an office can depict magnificent landscapes, scenery from the world of fantasy, artistic collages, animals or 3D patterns. A colourful wall decoration will certainly do away with the monotonous office look of our office space.

Wall Mural in home office arrangement

Wall mural are perfect as decoration for a home office or an office connected to another room. Thanks to a large-size wall decoration, the interior will gain amazing colours, which will enliven the office furniture. In a home office, wall murals with maps, patterns referring to vintage style or photos depicting world metropolises will be perfect. This kind of interior design will at the same time give it a slightly more formal character, without depriving it of a homely, secluded atmosphere.

Wall mural for office

Choosing the right interior décor for an office space, regardless if it is a large publicly accessible area or a small private home office, can be a daunting task. Firstly, because it is our home away from home as we spend there at least 8 hours a day. Therefore, you want this environment to be calming and natural but also stylish as it should complement the office furniture and equipment. Secondly, an office space should be stimulating and encourage creativity. New studies show, that the office décor has a considerable influence both on creativity as well as productivity, so plain white walls are not the right solution. Bimago is always there for you, if you want to transform your office space into a temple of productivity, inspiration and teamwork where every workday is something to look forward to. There are many ways of decorating walls. A wall mural for office interior is one of the best as it is efficient, cost effective and so easy to install.

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Office wall mural

Bimago offers an extensive collection of office wall murals, perfect for any home office or corporate interior. Our office wall murals offer a wide variety of ideas ranging from toned, calming and elegant to amazing, colourful and eye-catching designs. Choose a wonderful night city scenery or a breath-taking natural landscape which will make the office feel roomier but also create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Or maybe an artistic representation of the map of the world or an abstract pattern is what your office needs? Each look will be inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking. The choice is yours! Apart from the decorative advantages, a bimago office wall mural gives you so much more. Thanks to the high-quality material used they are very durable, eco-friendly and practical. Moreover, they can be easily washed with a wet cloth. The only thing to do is to choose the right one and see for yourself!