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Are you feeling soothed by warm, cozy Norwegian-style rooms? We have something for you that will complement your interior and bring a pacifying atmosphere of Scandinavia. Scandinavian posters and Scandinavian-inspired posters from bimago are soft, pastel colors and eye-pleasing compositions. A wall poster framed with a subtle frame will add a cozy atmosphere in the corner of your chosen home - living room or office. Take care of the heart of your home, pick your favorite theme and design, and decorate it with minimalist Scandinavian posters.

Scandi art print

Warm, soft light, delicate fabrics, fire roaring in the fireplace and the atmosphere of safety and relaxation - that’s the image we conjure up when someone mentions Sweden or Norway. Bright, well-lit interiors and carefully selected decorations are the key elements of the cold but cosy Scandinavian style that has been prevailing in modern houses. If you wonder what it is like to breathe in the clean Nordic air, then scandi art prints on your walls may help you imagine the feeling. Surround yourself with whiteness, throw away heavy curtains and pick the riches of the nature like raw wood, linen, cotton and wicker. Let our scandi prints take you straight into a Nordic fairy tale. Bimago’s art prints will fill your room with a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Northern themes and cold shades will add a little rustic edge to your interiors. Our Scandinavian collection is all about practical solutions for embellishing your walls and arranging your interiors with taste.


Scandinavian art prints

The scandi themed posters in bimago’s collection stand out thanks to their distinctive and sophisticated pattern designs. Geometric compositions, black-and-white views, misty landscapes and mighty trees go to make up moderate accessories which are the quintessence of Scandinavian style. When put in a bedroom or a living room, a Scandinavian poster will relax everyone in the house and will create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Frame one of our posters in gold to break the severity of the cold lands and fill the room with elegance and light. As for pieces with some more vivid colours, they will instantly liven up a child’s room. Our Scandinavian posters collection provides original ideas for gifts as well. Thanks to their neutral, subtle colours and topical themes, they will embellish every room.

Nordic art prints

Combination of a great deal of simplicity with a touch of classical elegance defines our art prints inspired by the cold, mighty North. As their winters tend to be dark and long, Scandinavians keep their interiors well-lit. They also paint their walls and floors white. Our collection of Nordic art prints is, therefore, full of light shades and delicate forms. The art prints will complement bright, modern rooms with cosy accessories and wooden floors. In wintertime, you will be happy to sit down in a room full of decorations inspired by the Nordic style. They will lighten up the long grey days and will quickly cheer you up.