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Industrial Wall Mural




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Industrial style enjoys enduring popularity. Unfortunately, it is a very challenging style to arrange - it feels best in the company of old factory buildings, high spaces and raw materials. Fortunately, there are ways to create an industrial atmosphere, even in a small studio apartment. How? Industrial murals! Opt for murals with a motif of brick, stone or steel. It's a quick and easy way to create a loft-like arrangement - one evening is enough to change the look of your interior completely! Discover bimago's offer and make your decorating dreams come true!

Industrial Style Wall Mural

Industrial style is a strong and concrete theme that suits modern interiors. Pieces of metal, concrete panels, scratched plaster or brick are the elements that are usually featured on industrial style wall murals. This type of wall decoration is best suited for loft apartments in a modern, minimalistic style. Grey and white colors of walls, simple line of furniture, frugality in accessories and a wall mural in industrial style will give a beautiful final effect. An unobvious but surprising destination for industrial wall murals can be, for example, typical men's spaces, such as: barber shops, stores with sophisticated alcoholic beverages, stores with building materials and equipment. A wall mural in the industrial style will perfectly emphasize the character of such places.

Loft Wall Mural

Are you fascinated by loft style? You dream about high, spacious rooms which are not perfectly tailored. Do you like places with history, which do not smell of newness? Loft wall murals will be a perfect addition to this type of interiors. These spaces, created on the basis of post-industrial buildings, have a raw, industrial atmosphere. If you are planning to arrange your interior in this style, match our loft wall mural with furniture in gray and black colors. You can also add accessories made of raw wood, industrial style posters and metal finishes.