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Canvas Hope (Banksy)
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Street Art has dynamically entered the biggest museums in the world. Today you can decorate your apartment with Banksy’s paintings. He is a street artist who comments the social and political reality in an extremely accurate way. Bimago collection: Banksy Paintings are unique and unusually original paintings inspired by his art, such as Girl with Balloon. Get inspired with incredible graffiti paintings, thanks to which you will create a fashionable, unique and modern interior full of colourful patterns inspired by Street Art.

Banksy Canvas Art

The Banksy wall art is super trendy right now! Nothing is more effective than hanging street art graffiti images on the wall, preferably in a large format. Graffiti art canvas images on a brick background will look great in an industrial style room: Whether it's a café in a basement, a wedding hall in an old factory or a room with a fireplace, these street art paintings will bring a unique atmosphere to the room. Very popular is the Banksy canvas Art collection. He often plays with the viewer, not only with optical illusions, but also with different conventions and an interesting message. If you are looking for a gift for a teenager, one of Banksy's paintings is just the thing. A washerwoman hanging zebra stripes on a string, a cleaner sweeping away the dust.... Under white paint on a brick wall, soldiers painting a pacifist symbol on a wall.... These are just a few examples of the famous Banksy wall art. Visit bimago today and discover our Banksy canvas art offer. How about our framed Banksy prints or the famous Banksy parliament print ? A Banksy canvas will make a great gift for a fan of his work !


Graffiti Art Canvas

Graffiti art canvas and street art canvas. If you appreciate modern art, you will love our suggestions for paintings of street artists like Banksy that are not limited to him. In our store you will find Banksy pictures, street art pictures, Banksy murals and Banksy on canvas pictures. Surprise your guests with an original decoration in the form of a graffiti painting by an unknown artist. For example, the street art painting "Animal Masks", which depicts people with animal heads instead of their own, makes an incredible impression. It can be seen as a contemporary representation of Egyptian deities, or it can be given a completely different meaning. Such a street art painting can be a very daring decoration for an office or a private study that will make you think. Another street painting stands out for its simplicity, but at the same time for its strong message "I live here, please respect", it can be a perfect gift for people who lack assertiveness. Discover our street art pictures and canvas wall murals street art.

Banksy art on wall - paintings inspired by graffiti art

The most famous contemporary artist devoted to street art is a British artist with an undisclosed identity who works under the pseudonym Banksy. His works appear on the streets of London and in other parts of the world, including on the Israeli-Palestinian Wall. Banksy's works are often related to the place where they are placed and are an expression of the author's socio-political views. Therefore, if you are bored with the interior design of your home or office and want to beautify your walls with original decorations, it is worth taking a look at canvas prints with Banksy's works. His murals often feature policemen, soldiers, children, animals with symbols and pacifist slogans. Pictures with these works will work well in a youth room, an advertising agency office, a pub or any other room where we want to create an avant-garde interior design.

Graffiti paintings and other decorations in the bimago collection

Graffiti, youth and motivational paintings are some of the numerous designs offered on bimago. The collection includes single-piece paintings or decorations in several parts. Multi-part paintings have the advantage of emphasizing the decorative nature of the pattern we choose. Moreover, they offer greater arrangement possibilities than single-piece paintings. For example, street art paintings in the form of triptychs can be hung on the wall in one line or at different heights, while multi-part paintings can be placed vertically or horizontally. This opens up the field for various experiments in arranging our interior. If we are looking for an original idea for decorating modern residential or office interiors, in addition to this collection, it is also worth taking a look at other canvas paintings offered in the bimago store. Our collections include decorations that match both modern arrangements and more classic interiors. You can choose between floral motifs, landscapes, abstractions, portraits or Zen motifs inspired by oriental art.

Banksy canvas in interior design

In our store we have a wide range of street art paintings. Most of them are Banksy reproductions, which are still very popular among fans of this type of art. Works such as the painting Girl with a Balloon are perfect for interior design. You can choose this decoration to decorate your living room, bedroom or bathroom. This is a unique painting by Banksy. It is most recognizable in his work. Banksy paintings look stylish and complement the decor of any room. Street art decorations can also be a good idea for a gift or office decor. In bimago you will also find multi-part street art paintings that always make an impression. Graffiti and street art are often the subject of interest for teenagers, so a Banksy painting in their room can work really well. The abundance of motifs, their colors and the message they convey mean that everyone will find something for themselves in this collection.