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If you like searching for meanings and order in chaos, shapes of things in unreality and the known in the unknown, then the abstract art painting by numbers from bimago are created just for you! Immerse yourself in the abstract world of colourful spots, juicy colours and fluid forms and unleash your creativity. Master the art of abstraction and paint like Pollock, Kandinsky or de Kooning. Painting by numbers is a hand-painted canvas -an elegant addition to any modern interior. Discover a rich collection of abstract paintings from bimago!

Paint by numbers abstract flowers

With bimago's abstract paint by numbers kits you can relax by taking your mind of mundane issues and wonder of to the world of your imagination. As most abstract imagery is completely unique you can always do a bit of freestyle. With a choice ranging from easy, simple painting by numbers abstract to complex, large paintings filled with detail you can pick the right one for you without the slightest problem. When bonding with your children over a canvas you should start small. With compact abstract paint by number kits your little one will quickly see unique result of their work. And that results in a crucial part of a happy life - motivation. Abstract images are especially good for kids as they are not too demanding. The outcome does not have to meet any standards. Thus, without any stress creativity can flourish from a very young age.

Animals are among the favorite motifs for paint by number kits meant for kids. Abstract cat paint by numbers is an absolute hit for girls. Not only little girls though, the love for cats stays for a lifetime. At our website you can find a rich collection of paint by numbers with cats, kittens and kitty cats. Another trendy theme for painting will be paint by numbers abstract flowers. A great idea for presents for the elderly, abstract flower painting by numbers can beautifully fill one's time with peace and relaxation. Moreover, it is a great reason to spend time together with grandchildren, as well as with children. Paintings created by you, your friends and family will be tasteful, versatile wall decorations. Be it cosy living quarters, a kid’s room full of life or a restaurant or bar, you will surely pick the perfect one from our website. An abstract painting is something so casual that wherever you place one it will bring a breath of new, fresh energy to the interior.