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Bimago wall decorations

A new life for your four walls!

At bimago, we believe that every interior has a spirit - and the right decoration can to bring it to light. Here you will find suggestive paintings, wall murals, trendy posters and elegant room dividers - in a full range of colors, styles and formats. Every week brings new themes, new inspirations and new decorative tips - visit us once and ... come back for more!

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Wall Decor Inspirations For Your Home Canvas Prints - Wall Murals & Wallpapers - Posters

Home without art is home without soul. One of the most frequently chosen wall decorations are canvas paintings: classic yet effective they have the power to trigger emotions and give character to a room. Both handmade paintings and canvas prints are therefore a great way to add an artistic touch to interiors and personalise your space. In bimago collection you can choose among over 8 000 quality art canvas prints: some of the designs are also available as paintings created by our artists. Visit our online gallery, get inspired and find the perfect wall art for your bedroom, kitchen or living room!

If you stay current with the latest home decor trends, it will come as no surprise to you that wallpapers and wall murals have made a spectacular come back. Forget about boring, old-fashioned designs, though: modern wall murals and wallpapers are beautifully coloured, designed with minimalist elegance and breathtaking images. In the bimago gallery we offer you thousands of wall coverings in different categories such as flowers, landscapes, ornaments, 3D effect, vintage & retro etc. Discover our wallpapers and wall murals collection and liven up your walls!

A room divider is an aesthetic and functional decoration that will fit into any interior. Light and foldable, it can serve many purposes such as separating the kitchenette from the living room, creating a little home office or a dressing room or hiding a bad-looking part of the room from view... There's plenty of options the room divider has to offer! If you order a folding screen on bimago website, you can choose between two different sizes (3 and 5 panel versions) and many interesting patterns. Discover our unusual collection and find a room divider that will perfectly complement your interior! Discover Our Room Dividers Collection.

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