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Paint by Numbers Ballerina




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Do you love art and dance? You don't have to be a professional dancer or a painter to express yourself and enjoy creative freedom! You only need to choose a bimago painting kit with the motif of dance! A ballerina painting kit and dance painting kit includes ballet, tango, Vienesse Waltz, contemporary jazz or street dance. Discover the dance styles on painting kits and get an original interior decoration! In every set, you will find a canvas on a wooden frame, brushes and paint. It's a great idea for a gift for everybody!

Paint by numbers ballet dancer

Some of the wall decor in bimago's collection is meant specially for girls and women. Ballerina paint by numbers kits are a good example. Regardless if we're considering little girls, teenagers or grown up women, every age group will love a painting that they can create with their own hands. Every minute spent on creating your own work of art will be unique. Nobody else in the world can use a painting brush exactly the same as you. Every brush stroke is yours and yours only. Our paint by numbers ballerina kits are complete with everything that will be needed to express your creativity. All the needed colours of paint, brushes of different sizes and most importantly - the canvas with outlined shaped and numbers corresponding to the colours of paint. A paint by numbers ballet dancer will be great present for your loved ones. Besides giving beautiful wall decor you give them the priceless experience of creation. Very relaxing, painting by numbers will be an awesome counterbalance to the long days at work. An image of a dancing ballerina is so slender and uplifting that when you reminisce the view of your painting in stressful moments the stress stops to matter. You know, that after all of this ordeal you will sit back, calm down and add a few details to your very own, colourful dancer. With ballet dancer paint by numbers, you will spend time and at the same time get time. By devoting just a few moments a day you get the priceless experience of creating a delicate, tasteful portrait. Spend half an hour in the evening and receive a whole day filled with satisfaction. You just need to take a glimpse at your work of art in the morning and see it grow and flourish. In the case of little girls, they get even more from completing a painting of their own. Satisfaction, that they are capable of creating something so beautiful and the motivation to take on lengthy projects further on in life!