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Wondering what decorations to choose for your room so that they reflect your character? A large 50 x 70 poster will certainly change your walls and attract the attention of your guests. Poster frames 50 x 70 are suitable for both spacious areas and smaller home spaces, office, beauty salon, waiting room or a boutique. In bimago collection we present large posters with motivational quotes, picturesque landscapes, animals or contemporary art. Express yourself with wall posters from bimago!

50 x 70 cm posters with frame

Size matters. Specially in interior design. With a 50 x 70 poster from bimago's rich collection your interior can undergo an awesome transformation. Place a wonderful panorama depicting a mountain view above your bed and you will be surprised, how much can a simple poster do. Our website provides you with every kind of imagery. The urban pictures of large cities will be perfect for restaurants and bars. Thanks to its size, with a poster 50 x 70 you can admire all the details of those large, complex pictures which would not be as easily visible on smaller formats. In general, landscapes in horizontal poster frames 50 x 70 will be an awesome feature in a wide variety of spaces. Posters are one of the most universal wall decorations available. In no time at all you can rearrange them, replace the old ones with new, fresh pictures and completely transform the room.

50 x 70 cm is a size that allows you to introduce that WOW effect to any interior. Pop a large tiger's face on the wall and the atmosphere momentarily changes from dull to exciting! Delicate, toned posters will beautifully embellish all sort of beauty salons. Hairdressers, makeup and nail salons are all awesome places for a tasteful 70 x 50 poster print from our website. 50 x 70 movie posters have the power to do wonders. They can bring back priceless memories. They can fill the room with energy bursting from a superhero on the wall. One thing is certain. A one of its kind poster on your wall will put a smile on your face whenever you lay eyes on it. Another great idea when it comes to interior design are posters with bricks, marble, wood or concrete. A very stylish feature, they can give a room that finishing touch without changing its overall style.