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The human body has been an inspiration for artists and painters for years. The bimago collection of Canvas Prints People includes unique prints that are inspired both by popular art and the works of world-famous painters. Romantic nudes, subtle silhouettes, well-known figures or artists and expressive portraits will make your space unique and extraordinary. A vast choice of colours, styles and sizes will make it easy for you to find something for yourself. Discover the amazing canvas prints with people or hand-painted paintings with people from bimago.

Prints with people, extraorrdinaryl collection in bimago gallery

The collection of People contains over 400 wall decorations. You can find hand-painted paintings and prints on canvas among our designs. Devotees will find here a whole range of paintings inspired by pop art or Klimt's paintings. In the bimago gallery, we could not miss romantic nudes showing the beauty of the female body, which will be an ideal decoration for the bedroom. The variety of colours will ensure that everyone will find a design in their favourite colour scheme. The collection includes black and white portraits and nudes, pastel silhouettes of people or paintings in striking shades of red. The collection comprises one piece and artworks composed of several parts. Each decoration is available in several dimensions. In addition, prints on canvas can gain an exciting appearance by using the Premium Print technique. This gives the painting the texture and sheen characteristic of oil painting. We invite you to look at the extraordinary and stylish collection of portraits of people.

Portraits inspired by masterpieces

Particular attention should be paid to portraits created by our designers in the People collection. You can see various inspirations in them. If you love the Art Deco style and Art Nouveau paintings, you will undoubtedly enjoy "Woman in Flowers" or "Kiss". You can see their similarities to Gustav Klimt's paintings, which gives them extraordinary nature. The collection includes portraits of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Chinese or Far Eastern inspirations can be seen in our designs; such wall decorations will perfectly complement boho or oriental style arrangements. Many of the portraits in the bimago gallery are triptychs and multi-part paintings, which will look great in a larger size. A hand-painted portrait is a decoration that will successfully decorate an elegant interior. The living room or bedroom and the office or beauty salon are rooms, wherre such a painting will look truly reach its potential.

Elegant and modern female nudes

Artistic nudes are the ideal decoration for interiors where you want to introduce a romantic and sensual atmosphere. The painting showing the human body's beauty will perfectly complement any interior. In the bimago galleries, you will find female nudes in various styles. Modern, black and white photos on canvas will be perfect for a modern bedroom. In our shop, you can also find hand-painted nudes in original colours. Paintings such as "Sketch of a woman", "Dancer", or "Sensual features" are inspired by artistic sketches. Among the female assets, modern designs prevail, which are dedicated to those looking for expressive and bold wall decorations. We are sure that an interior decorated with a female nude will feature an original look. If these wall decorations have captivated you, we also recommend the collection of People Wall Murals, in which you will find similar motifs on decorations in a larger format.

People in paintings and other wall decorations

Paintings of People is a collection that appeals to those looking for original and modern wall decorations. Each of the portraits, nudes or paintings depicting people has its unique character. Among the 400 designs, you can find decorations suitable for boho, glamour, minimalist or vintage-style interiors. In addition to this collection, we recommend other products in the bimago gallery. Similar motifs can be found on wall murals as well as stickers. If you are looking for decorations in a completely different theme, you will find many motifs among the paintings. From flowers, landscapes and nature inspirations to city panoramas and pictures of architecture and famous buildings. In our gallery, you can find paintings dedicated to various rooms. In the Interiors tab, you can find inspiration for the decoration of a living room, bedroom, youth room, kitchen or bathroom. We invite you to explore the collection of paintings, photo wallpapers, screens and stickers in the bimago gallery.