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Are you looking for an interesting way to spend your spare time? Do you love manual activities and feel the artist's soul in you? Take a look at our easy painting by numbers. Painting by numbers is a great fun, thanks to which you can develop your skills in painting and drawing. Simple painting by numbers is also a great idea for the youngest, who can discover their talents this way. Painting by numbers is therefore a great way to spend your spare time creatively and a beginning of your real adventure with art.

Simple paint by numbers kits

In no time you can check out how easy painting by numbers is. With bimago's easy paint by number kits you can start your adverture with art and develop your creativity. You really do not have to have any experience with painting to have loads of fun. Your kids will love easy paint by numbers for beginners as a birthday gift. Such a present will help to perfect your little ones manual skills and at the same time put a smile on their face every time they take a glimpse at their piece of art. By giving your parents or grandparents an easy paint by numbers for seniors kit you can introduce them to a whole new wolrd of DIY art. Cost-effective, easy to paint and easy to hang, easy paint by numbers are the future of interior design. Just imagine the look on your friends faces when they hear that this awesome, new painting in the living room is 100% your work of art! You can also invite them to join you when you paint, just order a couple of simple painting by numbers kits with your favorite motifs and in a few days time you can start your very own art class!

An awesome idea is to swap the art you created with your friends and family giving them a unique piece of wall decor that can be found nowhere else in the world. Who knows, maybe one day it will be worth millions? It's really super easy. Just follow the steps from the instructions, everything you will need is included in our kits. The canvas contains a scheme with the numbers of the colours which you need to use. The individual colours are signed with corresponding numbers so there is virtually no chance for error. With simple paint by number kits all the moments spent with your loved ones painting will become timeless memories bedecking your household walls! Our crew at bimago is absolutely sure that regardless of your age, you will love painting by numbers the very moment that you finish your first work of art an enjoy a new, super relaxing hobby.