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Sunny Barcelona, bustling New York, romantic Paris... thanks to the prints from the bimago collection, you can move to your favorite city and relax among distant landscapes! Canvas prints with cities are a perfect decoration for interiors in both classic and modern styles. In the offer you will find prints, panorama prints and black and white city prints that will emphasize minimalistic interiors and introduce a bit of vintage atmosphere into the space. Canvas prints with metropolises are an unusual interior design!

Black and white cityscape canvas

A cityscape canvas art can become a smart part of any interior design. It creates the atmosphere of uniqueness and takes you to another world. Time stands still and the interior gets a truly stylish look. You can easily immerse into other reality for a moment with a black and white cityscape canvas. Modern decoration and quilted accessories? It’s going to be a perfect match.

Paris, New York or Tokyo will emphasize the modern character of the interior, whereas most cities situated in the Mediterranean region will create more of vintage atmosphere.

Multi-layer black and white city canvas prints are perfect to hang above the sofa in the living room to create a focal point. On the background of one-coloured walls, they will be properly exposed. Colourful cityscape prints canvas look good in bright rooms, where they can playfully interact with other elements. Having said that, soft, smooth lines will be a good choice for a bedroom, when a canvas print is hung above a chest of drawers or above the bed. City skylines is a great choice for a study should you want to add a pinch of space into the room. Saturated colours of Italian streets and red roofs will perfectly match potted plants.


Large cityscape canvas prints

Large cityscape canvas prints are a great decoration for spacious interiors. Such a décor is a must-have not only for the lovers of big cities, but also for travel agencies. Such an interior will ensure the authenticity of the place and encourage people to discover new places. You just need to decide whether it is to be the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Tower Bridge in London. And if you prefer to have it in one or many parts. When cityscape canvas wall art is large and intense, it would be great to leave the background a bit more neutral. If you decide for black and white colours – you can add some other decorative shiny elements in gold or silver which will seamlessly complement the interior.

Urban landscape

The cityscape has a permanent place among the most fashionable canvas print trends and popular decorations. The cityscape perfectly matches cosy interiors and commercial spaces, including hotels, guest houses and accommodations. However, the great advantage of decorations from this category is their versatility and the immense multiplicity of landscapes. After all, there is a choice of canvas prints presenting picturesque seaside towns, charming nooks and crannies of historical districts of major cities, as well as spectacular panoramas of modern metropolises. Moreover, even the same cityscape in print can be depicted from a completely different perspective, in different colours or during a different season. Thus, depending on your preference, you can choose Rome on a sunny or rainy day, Paris shown through the prism of the art district or modern skyscrapers, and New York as seen from a bird's eye perspective or as a minimalist outline of Manhattan.

Townscape canvas prints

A cityscape in a painting hung on the central wall of a room is an excellent way to create a dreamlike atmosphere and emphasise the furnishings. Watercolour-painted streets of Italian cities will perfectly fit into romantic and classic spaces, perfectly matching floral wallpapers, white wood furniture and upholstered armchairs. On the other hand, the cityscape in modern painting, reminiscent of a realistic photograph, will go well in loft-like spaces and minimalist, black-and-white interiors. A spectacular effect can be achieved by hanging a macro view of the city on the wall or juxtaposing several prints to create a unique gallery.