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Glamour style means the omnipresent splendor, luxury and elegance. Paintings glamour are stylish decorations with golden and silver accents. Such decorations will perfectly complement the arrangement full of sparkling and luxury furniture and accessories. Find the perfect painting for your living room in glamour style or a painting for your bedroom in this style. In the rich bimago collection you will find patterns in shades of classic black, white or gold. Get inspired by glamour paintings with floral or abstract motifs, which will emphasize the chic and luxurious character of your home interior.

Glamour Canvas Wall Art

Glamour is English splendor, brilliance and charm. The glamour style in the interiors manifests itself in elegance and chic. However, those who think that such arrangements are cold and devoid of coziness, are wrong. Modern glamour interiors, apart from being simply beautifully finished and decorated, invite you to suberge yourself in their pleasant glow. Anyone who wants to live in a unique place, refined with attention to detail, and feel in their own home every day as in a real residence, should consider the glamour style. The living room, considered the heart of the house, is worth equipping with high-gloss furniture, stylized or simply crystal chandeliers, elegant curtains. You can consider wallpaper with a shimmering ornament. Gilded or copper bowls or sculptures will also look good. It is important to choose all accessories with care, because if you do not do it, it is easy to turn glamour into kitsch. Any gold, or silver finishes, as well as glass, light-reflecting decorations will certainly work. For a living room arranged in such a way, you need to choose non-accidental prints. Glamour images can be simply elegant, such as black and white, or truly elegant. All depends on how much we have gone crazy, or plan to go crazy, with other additions. After all, glamour is splendor, but not an exaggeration. Certainly designating one of the walls in the living room as a real art gallery will be in line with the glamuor convention. You can then choose images with similar aesthetics, or choose completely different ones and unify them with elegant frames. Three, or four prints will surely catch the eye of the household members and their visitors.

Glam Wall Art Decor

The most elegant colours are, of course, black and white. If we want to maintain consistency in the interiors and decorate the bedroom in a glamourous style, we can make these two colours its color base. White walls with delicately glossy wallpaper, white satin bedding, black velvet headboard and black accessories will be perfect. In such a bedroom, you must also hang a mirror and an original print, e.g. a female nude. The best, of course, in a richly decorated frame. For the interior to be truly glamourous, and not just elegant, you can devote more attention to the prints. If they are really elegant, you can give up unnecessary knick-knacks in the bedroom and leave only useful decorative gadgets, such as an elegant chandelier, or bedside lamps. Flowers are quite a popular and at the same time a glamourous theme for the bedroom. It is good if they were finished with golden accents. Animal motifs, or geometric figures, or portraits of stars will also work well.

Wall Prints in a Glamour Style

As glamour means splendor and is associated with wealth, furnishing the entire apartment in this convention can be very expensive. However, the interiors can be decorated in a modern, or even minimalistic style, and the glamour style can only be introduced on the walls, with the help of prints. This solution is interesting because if we want to give up glamour in favour of, for example, boho, it will be extremely simple and inexpensive. In order to display the glamour images on the wall well, it is worth leaving it white. Shiny wallpaper is also a good idea. Supporters of darker interiors can choose black, or grey. A wallpaper with a pattern of architectural concrete may also be a good idea. However, you should give up rich decorations on the walls, because then it will be difficult to choose the right images. If you are looking for inspiration to decorate individual interiors in your home, check out the prints for a room collection, where you will find original bimago collections.