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The Dark Continent constantly inspires with its unique history and culture, and its strong influence can still be seen in art, cinematography, literature and music. The African motifs appear equally frequently in interior design and are eagerly used on fabrics, paintings, wallpapers or other decorative accessories. In the bimago collection, you can also find sets for painting by numbers with Africa that are inspired by Africa and let you create your own canvas painting! Wild animals or picturesque landscapes - which motif will you choose?

Paint by number south Africa

Do you sometimes miss the summer heat when you sit in your couch in during the winter months? We sure do. Painting by numbers Africa from bimago's collection is the ultimate remedy. In the blink of an eye your mindset changes for the better. By spending those dull winter evenings in front of Africa paint by numbers from our collection you can bond with your loved ones in a magical way. Plan your future voyages at the same time creating landscapes that await you! The vast choice of paint by number kits south Africa on our website gives you freedom. The freedom to choose the style. Be it African landscapes filled to the brim with sunlight, portraits of animals giving that WOW effect or depictions of people and African culture. Choose the size. Every image comes in different sizes so it can perfectly meet the needs of your interior. And finally choose the technique. Vivid, colourful portraits, detailed landscapes or abstract faces of lions. The endless plains and jungles of Africa thrive with animals. Among the favorite ones are big cats. Once somebody has heard a real lion roar, he will get tingles down the spine whenever he lays eyes on a lion portrait. On the other hand, a lion mum with her sweet little cubs sleeping on a paint by numbers Africa canvas will be awesome wall decor for bedrooms.

Painting By Numbers Africa

Among the felines of Africa, you can also find less intimidating creatures. Images of delicate, lightning-fast cheetahs or majestic, mysterious leopards - all of these mesmerizing images can be yours and yours only. You choose, you paint, you hang on the wall. You can boast in front of your friends when see it and can't believe that it was really you or even your little kid who is the author of such an awesome painting. A paint by numbers kit south Africa is the perfect birthday gift. Choose an abstract motif with a little lion or a funny portrait of a chimp and watch the smile on your little one’s face when he perfects his painting skills. When the kids start their adventure with painting, they will choose their own, new paintings with their imagination being the only limit. A paint by numbers online south Africa is a great idea for a wide variety of interiors. Depending on their atmosphere you can choose the perfect colours. For compact spaces you can always pick a small DIY paint by numbers south Africa and put it virtually everywhere. If you plan to go big, our collection offers very stylish triptychs which will be ideal for large, elongated interiors like a long hallway or big living room.