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Medium Painting by Numbers




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Painting kits on a medium level of difficulty are the propositions for those who are already a bit familiar with a brush and have well-developed manual skills. Paintings on a medium level of difficulty allow practice necessary for the more complicated paintings. Among the painting kits with a medium level of difficulty from bimago, you will find landscapes, floral motifs and intriguing characters. You only need a bit of time and focus to create a masterpiece that will become a decoration of your room to emphasise your artistic passion.

Paint by numbers medium difficulty

Remember art classes at school? Those hours spent on portraying your favorite characters, keeping within the outlines given by your art teacher? If you do with a smile on your face, then bimago's painting by numbers medium difficulty kits are just the thing for you! If you are familiar with painting by numbers and would like to bring those memories back to life there is no easier way than with a painting by numbers medium kit from our website. Choose from a wide variety of images which you can awaken using paint and brushes. Peaceful panoramas, sweet animals, beautiful portraits and many many more, only your taste for art is the limit here! A single, compact size painting of your creation will perfectly embellish interiors like kitchens, hallways and the like. A larger picture will be great for larger spaces like a living room wall or a bedroom.

Sit down with your kids and give them a chance to create their own, priceless art! Our collection is filled with illustrations of your little one's beloved motifs. Start small and when you guys succeed in becoming homegrown painters go bigger and more complex! A painting by numbers medium kit is an ideal step on that path. Just think about it - what would you give to have a painting that you sketched when you were a kid? Waste no time, choose the right one for your children and paint a wonderful future for your loved ones! It becomes a habit. Spend only 15 minutes a day before bedtime for your painting by numbers. Sit back, let off the steam from the whole day and bedeck your future work of art with a piece of colour here and there. This way the paint has time to dry, you avoid any discouraging mistakes and the most important - every morning you watch your art grow! Bimago's paint by number kits also make awesome gifts! Surprise your friends and family with a canvas just waiting to become their own masterpiece. With a paint by numbers, you can virtually expect the unexpected. Even if you present your loved ones with such a kit and you expect that you just might receive one for your birthday, you can never know what image will it be!