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The Zen philosophy means, in a nutshell, living in the present and focusing on what's here and now. Zen also refers to meditation and expresses a pursuit of a calm mind. It perfectly matches the Oriental inspirations that we can often see on various decorative motifs, such as paitning or wallpapers. Bimago offers a unique collection of sets for painting by numbers with Buddha, inspired by the Orient, among which you will find extraordinary motifs of Zen and motifs of Buddha. Create your own Oriental decoration with bimago!

Paint by numbers zen

The symbol of peace and balance, Buddha is known around the world. Bimago's painting by numbers buddha lets you introduce that feel of perfect balance to your interiors. And the variety of Buddha paintings on our website is simply vast. From abstract, colourful sketches to detailed, almost photo realistic depictions, you can easily find the perfect Buddha painting for you. And with zen paint by numbers, you can virtually feel the climate of the image while painting it. Bit by bit, space by space your own work of art will be filled with the vibrant colours of your choosing. The choice is really simple. Our website is full of images of that world-known figure. Just pick the right one for your personal space and your interior will benefit from a whole new atmosphere in no time! The canvas has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to the numbers of colours. Just add time and day by day you will see your Buddha come to life!

Painting by numbers buddha

Our modern lives are filled with stress. A hard day at work or even a simple traffic jam can make your day stressful and sad. Here's where bimago's buddha paint by numbers comes in! Sit back, relax and enjoy your work of art come to life! It's your choice, whether you want to complete those tiny details today or focus on the bigger spaces, our buddha paint by numbers kit is the way to go to relieve stress and give you a unique work of art that will give you priceless satisfaction whenever you take a glimpse at it! A great gift, paint by numbers zen from our collection will put a smile on every one you decide to present it with! An image of Buddha will be perfect for virtually any space. Regardless if it's a living room or an office, you can rest assured that the gifted one will find a place for the image of a sitting Buddha!