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The bimago collection of painting kits includes so many motifs, untypical and modern as well as the images of cars. If you are a fan of classical vehicles and you want to try your hand at paintings, order a painting kit with a chosen motif. Painting kits with the car theme will perfectly match the design of an office, and it will be a source of everlasting satisfaction in creating a work of art! You need to check the bimago collection of painting kits!

Classic car paint by numbers

Cars. Those beloved four-wheelers. Modern society would never be the same without them. With bimago's painting by numbers cars you can immortalize your favourite cars! Be it the ones that started your adventure with the automotive industry or the supercars of your dreams, in our collection you can find them all. Building a car is no easy business. But thanks to cars paint by numbers creating one is. With complete car paint by number kits, you will easily and enjoyable paint your own stylish car. The canvas is ready to use, pulled over a wooden canvas. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to the numbers of colours of paint. You just have to fill in the gaps one by one and bit by bit your car will come to life!

Painting by numbers cars

A car is also a symbol. Different cars will symbolise different phenomena. Old school, vintage images will fill the room with a casual, unique atmosphere. Sports cars on the other hand can let a breath of fresh air and energy into the interior. When you combine the two and choose a vintage sports car you get the best of both worlds. An old race track with speeding cars is wall decor that will be suitable for virtually every kind of space. A classic car paint by numbers will make a great present regardless if the gifted one is fifteen or fifty. With a choice as rich as bimago's you will easily find the right one for every occasion. Our designers came up with triptychs and other multi part paintings to give the image an even more original, stylish touch. Perfect for commercial spaces and offices, triptychs with cars give you that energetic feel and at the same time bring an ordered, well arranged sense to the room. Kids rooms are an awesome destination for paint by numbers race cars. Task your little one with filling out the spaces and at the same time gift him with loads of fun! Every paint by numbers kit from our collection is great for kids. It teaches patience, manual skill and perseverance. And when it's finished, it gives a simply priceless sense of fulfilment and pride.