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The Abstract Art Collection is inspired by modern art, amazing shapes, unobvious color combinations and innovative compositions. Among the bimago abstractions you will also find hand-painted paintings. Abstract painting is a proposal for people who are looking for original solutions in their interiors. We offer both abstract paintings on canvas in a subdued style, as well as slightly more bold patterns. See abstract paintings in the bimago gallery, with which you will change the arrangement of your interior.

Abstract paintings - painted and printed on canvas

Inspired by modern art, the collection of abstract paintings is full of innovative compositions, contrasting colours and inspiring shapes. The category is dedicated to lovers of modern interiors who like intense, colourful and interesting wall decorations. Geometric patterns, a multitude of colourful spots and dynamics - all this makes abstract paintings so popular. A wide selection of paintings, ranging from dynamic, even flamboyant patterns to subdued and melancholic compositions makes it possible for everyone to find something for themselves. Delicate, abstract flowers or variations with animal motifs - all this can be found among the Abstract Paintings at bimago. What's more, each motif is available in a variety of sizes and layouts, so you can fit it perfectly into your interior. The canvas print is extremely weather-resistant, so it will successfully decorate your kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, the hand-painted abstract painting will allow you to enjoy an original wall decoration. Choose one of 1000 abstract paintings from our collection.

Abstract art - painted and printed on canvas

Inspired by modern art, our collection of abstract art brims with innovative compositions, contrasting colours, and inspiring shapes. Dedicated to fans of modern interiors who appreciate intense, colourful, and intriguing wall decorations, it includes everything from dynamic, almost vibrant designs to subdued and melancholic compositions. Whether you're drawn to delicate, abstract flowers or variations with animal motifs, you'll find them in our Abstract Art collection at bimago. Moreover, each motif is available in various sizes and layouts, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. The print on canvas is exceptionally resistant to atmospheric conditions, making it a splendid decoration for your kitchen or bathroom. Meanwhile, a hand-painted abstract piece lets you enjoy an original wall decoration. Choose from over 1000 abstract paintings in our collection.

Abstract painting - the most distinguished representatives and their most famous works

Wassily Kandinsky is recognised as the precursor of abstractionism, his painting "First Abstraction" marking a new chapter in painting. Simultaneously, several artists ventured into exploring new forms, unveiling a completely new face of art. Today, their works are collectively known under abstract painting, though the movement encompasses various facets, each with its unique style. Abstract paintings feature object deconstruction, shape geometrization, and a departure from known patterns. Geometric and minimalist forms are the hallmark of artists like Kazimir Malevich and Alexander Rodchenko. Meanwhile, Piet Mondrian's abstract paintings, such as "Composition with Red," are known for their simple horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours. A different facet of abstract painting is showcased in Jackson Pollock's work, which utilised a distinctive method of applying paint to canvas. Abstract paintings are innovative, original, and provocative compositions. In bimago's collection, you'll discover inspirations from the greatest works of abstract painting, reimagined to create modern wall decorations. A hand-painted abstract ordered from bimago will let you decorate your home with magnificent abstract art.

Abstract Art - modern wall decorations

A fashionable, modernist living room tempts many to limit accessories to the absolute minimum. However, a modern style doesn't equate to sterile, white laboratories. It signifies functional, spacious rooms that surprise with their form at every turn. If you value moderation and naturalness, you've just found your ideal living room arrangement. Now, take a look at the abstract art in bimago's catalogue. See all those large-format, painted geometric patterns in energising colours? Imagine them as the culmination of a simple and open space. This is the aesthetic you need. Abstract art dazzles with innovative forms and reimagined well-known motifs from painting. An abstract painting not only complements a modern living room decor but can also successfully adorn other rooms. Abstract painting, as well as photos on canvas at bimago, form a wonderful collection for those seeking a modern yet elegant decoration for their home.

Abstracts in multi-part paintings and triptychs

Looking for ideas to decorate your home? Opt for an original, modern wall decoration. Hand-painted abstract art on canvas from bimago will surely meet your expectations. Our collection includes paintings with bold, innovative colours - certainly, the multi-part wall decorations stand out. Comprising several parts and triptychs, these decorations offer an avant-garde way to create a unique wall ornament. Abstract art in multiple parts opens entirely new arrangement possibilities. Black and white paintings on canvas, abstract painting with plant motifs, or decorations depicting figures are just a few options from bimago's collection for interior decoration. For bathrooms or kitchens, where humidity prevents hanging traditional wall decorations, we recommend abstract paintings on glass. With over 2700 designs, including abstract art inspired by the latest trends and hand-painted abstracts in vibrant colours, check out bimago's unique collection and choose an abstract painting that will be an original and modern decoration for your home.

Abstract face painting

An abstract face painting adds a new dimension to the space. It fits well in both classic and modern interiors. In traditional rooms dominated by delicate ornaments and rich fabrics, an abstract face painting can create a bold contrast, attracting attention and giving the room a modern, eclectic character. Abstract paintings with faces can intrigue and stimulate the imagination, becoming a topic for discussion and reflection.

In modern arrangements, where bold shapes and vivid colours are common, an abstract face painting seamlessly integrates into the creative atmosphere, adding dynamism and expression. The unconventional nature and interpretative freedom of such decorations make them the focal point of the space, drawing attention and eliciting strong emotions.

Those seeking unique, original decorative elements will undoubtedly appreciate abstract paintings with faces, offering a remarkable blend of figurative art and abstraction. Their ambiguity and openness allow each observer their interpretation, making them universally appealing to those seeking deeper meaning and a personal approach to art.