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Colours of the walls - match the canvas print to the interior

Wall colour plays an extremely important role in interior decoration, as it influences both the style of a room and our mood. So we decided to share our knowledge with you and answer the most problematic questions: How do you combine colours on the walls? What color goes with green walls? What are the best grey wall ideas? and many more. Even if your sense of style in home décor is not your forte, you will achieve a stylish decorative effect with our support! Discover our mini guide: wall colours - decor & ideas and don't be afraid of non-standard chromatic combinations, because it's worth betting on individuality in the interior!

green colour

Green wall

Wondering what colour goes with green walls? Are you short on green wall ideas? Do you have doubts concerning the green wall decoration? No problem! We are here to help with a short guide. We'll give you some tips on how to choose right canvas to enhance the beauty of a green wall and emphasise the freshness of this juicy colour. The choice of wall decoration is crucial, as it usually defines the style and atmosphere of the entire room. Therefore, we will show you which colour goes well with green walls, so that your composition impresses with a stylish and coherent look. Join us for a dose of inspiring tips and ideas - fresh as spring grass!

orange colour

Orange wall

An orange wall is a bold choice, but with the right decoration it can become the focal point of your décor and a real eye-catcher! However, mistakes are common when styling a space with this challenging colour, so we will give you some orange walls ideas and help you to choose perfect decorations for a vibrant mural composition. With our tips, you will add unique flair to your space. Orange walls in the living room are an excellent choice for creative and energetic people, who find themselves in dynamic interior designs and want a daily boost of energy and positive attitude. Check out our suggestions and bet on orange wall decor in your domestic space!

blue colour

Blue wall

Blue walls offer plenty of room for manoeuvre from a decorative point of view. At bimago we will give you some blue wall ideas for a striking and pleasing arrangement. Are you wondering which colour harmonizes well with a blue wall? Definitely white. If you are looking for interesting canvas prints for a blue wall, go for decorations in soft colours, inspired by the beauty and calmness of nature. Canvas in shades of yellow, orange and red, on the other hand, will be a great way to give the room a touch of dynamism and make it more welcoming. Explore our collection and find out which decorations will create an interesting and coherent effect on your blue wall.

purple colour

Purple wall

Purple walls used to be associated with extravagance, but today they are an increasingly common solution. However, they require a skilful selection of wall decorations, so that the colours of the single elements of your room's arrangement create a coherent whole. We will share with you what colour goes well with purple to stop you from making unfortunate decorative choices. If you are looking for a canvas print for a purple wall, it is worth betting on decorations in shades of green, depicting trees, forest landscapes or meadows. Visit our collection and explore our purple wall ideas that make you create a one-of-a-kind arrangement, combining elegance and freshness.

kred coloury

Red wall

If there is such a thing as a radical decorating decision, it is the red colour of the walls. However, then comes the hard part: how to find stunning red wall decor ideas? Maybe you are also afraid that the effect of your colour experiments may leave a lot to be desired? Red in interior design has many faces: sometimes it is energising, sometimes it is elegant, or warm and cosy. Our home decor ideas will make you realize how the energy of red changes depending on the colours you combine it with. For example, green canvas on red walls will be a contrasting choice that will add dynamism to your interior. If you are looking for red wall ideas or want to experiment a little, be sure to check out our tips!

grey colour

Grey wall

Decorating is the art of decision-making! Since you have chosen the grey wall colour, you are a fan of simplicity and universal elegance. But now you are probably asking yourself further questions: where do I find interesting grey walls ideas? Which are the best canvas for a grey wall? How to create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom with grey walls? We will try to answer these and many other decorating dilemmas in the best possible way - by presenting specific decorations on a grey wall, which, in our opinion, will exceed your expectations! Discover the elegant potential of grey walls in your interior and see how surprisingly versatile they can be.

yellow colour

Yellow wall

A yellow wall is an expression of energy and optimism, but choosing the right paintings on canvas may raise many questions. Warm shades of yellow match traditional arrangements, while cool shades match modern interiors. Yellow works well with delicate pastels, softening the intensity of the colour. Nature images such as flowers or landscapes that contain shades of yellow can create a cohesive atmosphere. For lovers of modernity, abstract works inspired by a yellow background add dynamism. Against an intense yellow background, minimalist images with clean lines are a subtle complement. Remember that bold choices can bring beautiful and surprising results.

pink colour

Pink wall

Pink walls represent subtlety and energy that offer the room delicacy or dynamic vibration. Pink harmonizes with neutral colours, creating a subtle effect, and also contrasts effectively with deeper colors such as navy blue or bottle green. Canvas paintings with delicate patterns or abstract compositions in neutral tones fit perfectly with pink walls, creating an elegant effect. Paintings against the background of pink walls are elegant accents, especially those depicting flowers or elements of nature, which emphasize the romantic aura of pink. For lovers of modernism, abstract paintings will give the room mystery, originality and character.

white colour

White wall

Decorating white walls using canvas paintings are extremely stylish. Experiment with different styles, where white walls are a perfect background for various arrangements. Pastel shades combined with white give the room subtlety and peace, so choose paintings with delicate floral motifs or abstract patterns. The classic black and white canvas prints add modernity and expressiveness through the contrast between the white background and intense black details. Choose paintings depicting nature, such as landscapes, flowers or animals, to liven up your space! Remember that the key element is to express your individuality and feelings through art.

black colour

Black wall

A black wall is a clear statement of style and luxury. Proper matching of paintings on canvas is crucial for a harmonious arrangement in a room with dark walls. The classic combination of white and black is a modern and timeless contrast, especially in abstract works of art or minimalist geometric motifs. Red goes perfectly with black walls, adding a dramatic character. Green, symbolizing nature, becomes more intense against the black background, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. With black walls, appropriate lighting is also crucial, as it emphasizes the elegance of the colour, and paintings on canvas enrich the interior!

brown colour

Brown wall

Immerse yourself in the magical harmony of colors thanks to unique paintings on canvas, perfectly matched to the brown walls in your interior! The bimago collection offers unique decorations that perfectly match the brown tones on the walls. Realistic canvas paintings depicting natural landscapes in green, gold and brown harmonize harmoniously with the brown walls, creating an atmosphere of peace and warmth. Lovers of modern design can choose from extremely beautiful abstract works combining shades of brown with deep tones of black and navy blue, introducing dynamics and originality to the interior.