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photo: Down memory lane - so we started in 2004

Our Journey from 2004 to Today

If you had joined us back in 2004, when the Bimago shop was just a concept taking shape, our office space would be unrecognizable to you. It wasn't just because it was nestled in the founder's grandmother's apartment—there was no actual office, no production line, nothing of the sort. Instead, you would have found three young artists fueled by a mission to beautify the world, or at the very least, add a touch of elegance to it. Our initial artworks were crafted by hand, left to dry on walls, and personally delivered, much to the local residents' amusement and surprise at having a burgeoning art studio right next door.
photo: Paint shop. The work is on!
The growth happened faster than we anticipated. Orders began to stack up, requiring us to plan production a month in advance. Our painters, fueled by late-night pizza and the logistics team's humor, worked tirelessly, packaging orders side by side. The arrival of our first printers was a milestone moment, sparking excitement as we ventured into designing digital images and photographs. Just eight months after launching, we moved to a new space to accommodate our growing technological needs—a place we still call home, though our office and production areas have expanded nearly tenfold.
photo: Designers at work. On the office walls - Bimago wallpapers :)
From the outset, Bimago was international, broadening our perspectives beyond a single country. Initially, our creations primarily adorned the homes of our German neighbors. Today, Bimago caters to 15 countries in 9 languages, with our decorations gracing homes in 52 countries worldwide, including distant lands like Brazil and Congo. Our record? A parcel that journeyed 14,000 km to reach a customer in Australia.
photo: Bimago Technology park.
From a quaint startup studio to a global enterprise, Bimago's team has grown to 336 members across office spaces spanning over 7,100 square meters as of 2021. We've developed over 30,000 original designs, ready to be transformed into prints, wall murals, posters, or paint-by-numbers projects. We're eager for you to discover the perfect decor for your space in our shop and to welcome you into our community of satisfied customers.

Original Patterns and Techniques:

Choose from hand-painted artworks, canvas prints, or the Premium Print—Bimago's exclusive technique featuring designs from talented artists.

Quick and Simple Assembly:

Our products are designed for ease, including stretched canvas paintings, easily applied fleece wall murals, and framed posters complete with mounting hangers.

Understanding Everyone:

Language barrier? No worries! We communicate in up to 9 languages, including Swedish, Portuguese, and Dutch, ensuring we're accessible to you.

The Choice Is Yours:

Whether you prefer a different technique or a larger size, select the artwork, poster, or wall mural that best complements your space.

A Shop You Can Trust:

Shop with confidence in our SSL-secured online store. Our return policy allows for returns within 30 days, and our customer service team is always ready to assist with your inquiries.

Worldwide Delivery:

Having delivered to 52 countries, we're excited to add yours to the list. Let us know where you are, and we'll bring our products right to your doorstep.