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Do you like creative challenges? If so, painting kits from bimago on the high difficulty level are just perfect for you! Painting is an activity that brings much satisfaction and joy, and the effect of the time spent in front of a canvas is a prize in the form of unique wall decoration to embellish your living room, bedroom or hall! Our painting puzzles are a great idea for a gift for the persistent and looking for a new hobby idea. In the collection of paintings you, too, can find something suitable - discover your favourite motifs and embark on a painting journey!

Difficult colour by numbers

For those who always enjoyed piecing together complex objects bimago's difficult paint by numbers kits will be more than perfect. One of the best ways to relax, with advanced paint by numbers you can clear your head from your work tasks and problems. Difficult does not have to mean hard. Difficult paint by numbers for adults’ kits from our website contain all the necessary ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind, individual work of art. With your colours, brushes at hand and a canvas with the outline the only thing that you need to add is time. The experienced staff at bimago recommends that you take your time. Slowly, colouring the details for half an hour a day you can see your painting grow every morning you take a glimpse and feel pride starting your days!

Advanced painting by numbers

Creating paint by numbers difficult paintings with your loved ones you will build priceless memories and bring loads of fun at the same time. Paint by number kits also make great presents for your friends and family. When they see your painting for the first time and hear that it is completely your work you can rest assured, they will love such a gift! When painting with kids it is a good idea to start small so that your little doesn't get discouraged easily. Painting is very good exercise in patience and manual skills. Even if your little one will not become a world class artist, the skills obtained during painting by numbers will last for a lifetime. When you gradually go bigger with your paintings you can put together a wonderful gallery made of different shapes and sizes of unique imagery. Pick kits depicting city panoramas of the places that you've been and embed your memories in a timeless painting. On the other hand, you can choose images of your future ventures and day by day build suspense before encountering the real thing.