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Siesta Española

Feel the Duende

The romantic
charm of Spain

This untranslatable word is quintessential to the Spanish spirit. It represents not only a fiery temperament and irrepressible creativity but also a subtle inspiration, a sense of oneness with nature and an openness to living here and now. You don't have to understand it to fall under the magic of Duende. Just immerse yourself in the soothing greys of rocky coastlines, the beiges of warm sand and the shimmering turquoise of the sea surface. Be inspired by our collection and feel the Spanish sun fill your home!

Siesta Española
Siesta Española

Elemental flamencoTime for a siesta - wall decorations inspired by the spirit of Spain

The Siesta Española Collection is an exciting journey through the Iberian Peninsula, an invitation to contemplate and revive holiday memories. The soft colours of the earth and sandy beaches blend with the deep turquoise of the water under the baton of the sun's intense rays. The tranquil Mediterranean landscapes, heavenly beaches, charming narrow streets and rocky coastlines will inspire you. Perhaps you will find frames from a summer gone by or an inspiration for next summer? Our latest collection will take you to a quaint Spanish town and allow you to forget the worries of everyday life for a while. Immerse yourself in the sweetness of holidays, relax in the shade of a palm tree and listen to the sound of the sea.

Kaleidoscope of cultures"All the nice interiors are alike, each
beautiful interior is beautiful in its own unique way."

As befits a country that has blessed the world with names such as Picasso, Gaudi and Dali, Spain impresses with its rich culture. It was here that European influences mixed with Moorish and New World influence over the centuries. Here, the exotic blends into a harmonious duo with tradition, becoming a source of constant inspiration for designers and architects. Spanish-style interiors are uncompromising, full of creative energy and vitality. Discover canvas prints and posters from bimago and create a personal Spanish paradise within your four walls!

Siesta Española
Siesta Española