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Don't like boring rooms? Do you prefer original solutions? Modern paintings will turn your interior into an original space. They will perfectly emphasise not only its character, but also the lifestyle of your family members. On the modern pictures from bimago you will find e.g. abstract patterns, geometric figures, flowers or beautiful landscapes. Modern art can have many faces, that is why at bimago you will find so many patterns. Choose the perfect modern wall painting for you and enjoy an exceptional interior!

Modern prints on canvas

Who has not heard of modern interior design? What about minimalistic patterns? There is no doubt that the popularity of this trend among interior designers and our fascination towards modern wall art have been growing at a steady pace in recent times. When we hear about this trend, we instantly conjure up images of spick and span rooms with carefully selected furniture and accessories. However, white walls will not do the job themselves, and they need to be decorated tastefully to achieve the desired effects. Here is where our modern art prints on canvas come to play! Thanks to the immense variety of our pieces, you will not feel disappointed.

The beauty of our modern canvas wall art lies in simplicity and adaptability. You may hang one in your house or the office, combine with other art prints or put together with some modern accessories. When you are looking for an original present, our eye-catching designs will make it easier for you. There are some smaller and larger pieces in our offer so that you can suit the taste of your friends or family members. An elegant frame will add an excellent modernistic touch to the gift.

Modern art prints

Modern paintings are more and more often chosen as wall decorations, not only by declared lovers of contemporary art, but also by everyone who appreciates fancy patterns and wants to introduce a bit of originality into the interior. Supporters of modern works of art value them, on the one hand, for their unconventionality and, on the other hand, for their universality. You can find, for example, paintings with flowers, landscapes, nudes and portraits. The variety of themes present in these works is almost limitless. Their common feature is originality in terms of composition. A large category of modern wall art canvas are abstractions that do not depict a specific motif, such as animals, plants or still life. You can often find original shapes, geometric figures or colorful spots that create a coherent whole in the image. Such a picture can be hung in almost any room. You don't have to limit yourself by colors or style. The apparent mismatch of the abstraction to the interior in which it is exposed may even be an advantage of the entire arrangement. Discover modern wall art and change your interior.

Modern wall art

For all people who like unconventional solutions, modern art prints will be the perfect decoration for the living room. They will work well in minimalist, Scandinavian, classic or loft interiors. Depending on the design goal we want to achieve in the living room, we can choose a painting in intense colors or one created using delicate, pastel colors. When making a decision, always remember that the living room is the room where we usually spend the most time during the day. Therefore, wall decorations should be well suited to our preferences to please the eyes of household members and delight guests. It is best to choose a large, well-lit wall for a modern painting in the living room, for example above the sofa or above the table. Thanks to this, the original decoration will be well exposed. An interesting choice for the modern wall art for living room may be modern triptychs, i.e. paintings composed of three parts that make up a whole. The triptych will be an impressive and characteristic decoration that will enliven even the most minimalist room. Religious paintings can also be modern - they have often been present in apartments for years. This topic is not reserved only for classic interiors. By choosing the right image, you can easily combine tradition with modernity. If you are looking for more inspiration for decorating your living room, check out our collection of modern wall art the living room. There you will find, among others: beautiful landscapes, abstractions and portraits with which you can successfully decorate the interior of your apartment.

Large modern canvas wall art

Monochromatic colours, simple patterns and geometric shapes are even more striking on our large modern canvas prints. No one will walk by these original pieces of art indifferently. We recommend hanging the larger canvas wall arts in well-lit spacious interiors. They will be ideal for stylish living rooms and modern conference rooms. When surrounded by only bare essentials, our art prints will deliver maximum impact. In your home interiors, you can surround our modern art prints on canvas with fresh flowers or candles that will make the room look warmer. Undeniable effects guaranteed!

Modern bedroom canvas art

One of the most popular places to display paintings at home is the bedroom, specifically the wall above the bed or opposite it. It's important for bedroom arrangements to promote rest. It's lovely to fall asleep and wake up surrounded by true works of art. Well-chosen in terms of style and colour, they will have a calming and relaxing effect. Among modern paintings for the bedroom, you can find black and white graphics, pastel abstractions, or delicate plant motifs. The latter will look perfect among living plants placed on windowsills or in planters. Modern paintings are increasingly found in the bedrooms of young children and teenagers as well. Parents devote a lot of attention to the arrangement of their children's living spaces. Thus, modern art can appear instead of or alongside pictures of fairy-tale characters or posters of favourite athletes or singers. Of course, paintings in a child's room don't have to be serious. Colourful graphics or paintings with an animal motif will work well there.

Modern kitchen canvas art

The kitchen is also a fantastic place to hang a modern painting. Vibrant colours will undoubtedly brighten the interior and match perfectly with white cabinet fronts. Modern kitchen paintings don't have to only depict culinary motifs; abstractions, flowers, or landscapes will also fit into this interior. Wall decoration can adorn the area next to cabinets or be placed above the dining table. In our offer, you can find both vertical and horizontal, as well as multipart paintings, making it easy to match them to your kitchen.

Modern canvas art

Contemporary paintings are incredibly inspiring. Those that have made it into our collection are unique works. They are wall decorations that will appeal to all art enthusiasts. Modern paintings foster creativity and encourage introspection. They touch upon nature and many other motifs. At Bimago, modern art prints for interiors also showcase human figures or abstract patterns. Still life in a contemporary rendition will add colour to the room and change its character. We guarantee you'll fall in love with them at first sight. We offer modern canvas wall art, as well as premium print versions. Looking for something truly extraordinary? Selected modern paintings from the collection can also be prepared for you as painted or acoustic (sound-absorbing) decorations.

Canvas art for modern interiors

You can easily match modern wall canvas to your arrangement. Contrary to what you might think, it's not complicated – especially considering how many patterns are in Bimago's assortment. Original modern vertical and horizontal paintings await you. Decide which orientation suits you better. At the same time, we remind you that you don't have to limit yourself to just one decoration. Have a lot of free space on your wall? Let our modern canvas art create a small gallery that you'll admire every day. You don't have to worry about the appearance of ordered products. Our modern canvas prints are full HD prints with UV protection. They're not threatened by anything, especially exposure to sunlight. Modern wall art will remain elegant for a long time, so you don't need to worry. You can choose decorations in Scandinavian style, still life, rustic patterns, or for animal lovers. Create an interior that will fill you with pride. Choose your picture from the photo on canvas, in premium or acoustic version – in this respect, we'll adjust everything to your preferences. Also, specify the right size for the decoration, and then we'll quickly prepare and send it to the indicated address. Let our modern canvas art be the crowning achievement of your carefully planned, dream arrangement.