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The posters in the size of 70x100 cm are one of the largest available posters in bimago. The choice of patterns and motifs, from the black and white compositions to colourful and thematic, will allow you to choose the right posters for every interior in your house! Posters in frames 70x100 cm can be hung above a desk, placed against a wall next to a plant, hung on a wall or in combination with other formats used to create a stylish gallery of posters! They are everything you need to complement your arrangement. Visit the collection of posters in the size of 70x100 cm.

70 x 100 cm posters with frame

One is all it takes. A single 70 x 100 poster from bimago's collection will completely transform your interior. Pop a large poster in your living room above the sofa and look at the reactions of your friends and loved ones! Such sizeable decorations are perfect for spacious interiors. Attract the attention of your customers by adorning your commercial space with unique, mesmerizing poster frames 70 x 100. The ultimate eye-catcher are pop art posters, regardless which one you decide to place on your wall it will undoubtedly turn heads and generate smiles. The most universal 70 x 100 cm posters with frame are vintage pictures. Perfect for virtually every space, with a vintage poster you add style to the room and at the same time keep it casual.


Poster 70 x 100 cm

A 70 x 100 cm poster is the perfect medium to bring detailed, complex images to your household walls. You will be in awe, how many tiny parts it takes to create a beautiful, large city skyline or a mountain range with its snow caps and valleys. Make no mistake, not only homes will benefit from a large poster from our website. Introduce a 100 x 70 cm poster to your workspace and you can be absolutely sure that the room will benefit from a more energetic, positive atmosphere. With a collection of large posters as vast as ours you will easily and quickly find the perfect picture for your personal space. Delicate, toned floral motifs, beautiful portraits, animals and many, many more, just sit down, relax and scroll through our unparalleled choice of wall decor. Abstract, modern posters are among the most popular decorations. Intriguing, gorgeous works of art will give every interior that pinch of style, personal and commercial spaces alike. Posters with quotes are another great idea for interior design. Ranging from single words to entire quotes by film stars and artists, bimago's variety of quote posters presents you with a choice of wall art that can't be found anywhere else.

Posters 70 x 100

Admit it, a 100 x 70 poster is a large wall decoration. Unsure if it will work in your home? We have no doubts about it! An elegant poster in a 70 x 100 frame will be noticed by anyone who enters the room – it's impossible not to pay attention to it. Therefore, it's a good opportunity to show your interests and love for unique, original motifs through such decoration. Notice that every 70 x 100 poster from our collection is different. We offer a variety of designs, both colourful and monochromatic. Such a wide range ensures that all our customers will find something for themselves – and they surely will! Discover which 70 x 100 posters will steal your heart.

Black and white poster 70 x 100

When you explore our collection, you'll notice there are plenty of posters in black and white. Such designs are universal, making it easy to match them with other interior elements. The style of the room doesn't matter much. A black and white poster 70 x 100 will fit into any arrangement. With its help, you can create a pleasant retro or modern atmosphere, depending on the accessories you pair it with. All that's left is for you to place an order – the perfect 100 x 70 poster is waiting for you! We especially recommend this black and white one for a room that is bright and spacious. You'll achieve a very interesting effect and create the unique atmosphere you've been aiming for. If you feel that such a seemingly inconspicuous element as a 70 x 100 poster can't change much, you should definitely check it out! Many of our clients have found this to be untrue. Have plenty of space on your wall? Then we encourage you to order several designs and create your own gallery that everyone will admire.