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Black and white paintings by numbers are the newest trend that helps you create your own piece of art. It is also an interesting option for a creative time off and to develop your painting skills! Feel like a real artist! In bimago, we offer paintings by numbers in the black and white colour palette, which are universal and timeless. Such a hand-painted canvas painting will also be a marvellous wall decoration and work well in every interior, bringing an extraordinary elegance to it!

Black and white paint by numbers kits

Are you looking for an exciting and creative way of killing some time? What about trying your skills with a painting by numbers? This pastime is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. Painting not only engages in a leisure activity, calms down after a long day at work but also produces original pieces of art to hang in an apartment. Do you feel excited already? Then have a look at our series of black and white paints by number. We are sure that you will find something to meet your artistic needs!

Among other things, there are pieces with city landscapes, famous people and wild animals. Thanks to the precise instructions, you will co-author fantastic arts in a few afternoons. Once you have finished, we recommend hanging the black and white paint by number in minimalistic or industrial interiors. Such a decoration will fill the free space on the walls that are waiting for something original. And if you are looking for a unique design for a spacious room, take a look at the black and white paintings by numbers built of a few parts. One example would be the classic view of Manhattan or a romantic rose on wooden boards. But if you feel like adding just a bit of colour to your interiors, you may get inspired by our paintings by numbers black and white with red accents. For example, there is a piece with the British phone booth or a woman walking down a Parisian street. And do not forget to check our paint by number kits inspired by Banksy. They are ideal for street-art lovers! In our black and white paint by number kits, you will find the picture of your choice, acrylic paints and a set of paintbrushes in many different sizes. Maybe you will grow so fond of this new hobby that your home will soon become a real art gallery? It will take your guests' breath away the next time they come round.