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Meet the top accessory of recent months: classy posters that will work perfectly solo or as a gallery. Posters are also a great alternative to large canvas prints. Bimago poster gallery will surely help you find a perfect match for you - stunning snapshots, inspiring graphics, motivational quotes and many more! Let your wall decoration express your style and personality by arranging colors and motifs together! You can also choose stylish frames for your posters (available in black, white, silver or gold). Get inspired and enjoy the new look of your interior!

Wall posters for your home and flat

Are you looking for original and inexpensive wall decorations for your home? Do you have empty walls and need an addition that will quickly and effectively transform your interior? Then you have come to the right place! Wall posters are the way to go for effective wall decoration at an affordable price. Ordered posters can be personalised - available in many sizes, styles and colours. The poster can be framed in a minimalist frame and ready to hang immediately after unpacking or rolled up without any additional frame - it can then be stuck directly on the wall or framed in the simplest anti-frame. If you want to highlight your chosen design, use a simple optical trick - order the poster with a white margin or an elegant classic passe-partout. Framed posters are lightweight and come with a mounting hook, so you can hang them on the wall quickly and easily. But who said a poster has to be hung on the wall? Leaning against the wall, they will be an exciting and original decoration for a modern interior. Small framed posters will be attractive for a mantelpiece, dresser or bedside table. There are really a lot of design possibilities with these decorations. Posters look great in sets - choose more designs and create your own home wall gallery! You can also match a framed poster to your family photos and pictures. Shopping in our shop is extremely easy thanks to the collections for individual rooms. They will make it easy for you to find posters for your living room, office or other interiors. Our designs will inspire you to decorate your room with posters from bimago.

Cheap posters in a frame, with passe-partout, vertically or horizontally

In our wall posters collection, you will find the most modern designs ideal for a variety of rooms; among the graphics available are plenty of exciting compositions referring to the kitchen theme. Fruits, spices and inscriptions related to cooking will perfectly fit the space where you like to spend time with your loved ones, and therefore you should take care of its unique atmosphere. Designer posters will introduce a pleasant atmosphere and a modern look. If you are looking for more ideas for decorating these rooms, we recommend the collection of posters for the kitchen. Culinary motifs, helpful kitchen essentials and motivational lettering are perfect for this room. Inexpensive posters in vertical orientation will optically enlarge the interior and modernise its look. In the bimago shop, you will also find fashionable and modern wall posters for the living room, making it more cosy and elegant and giving it an entirely new character. Posters in a gold or silver frame are recommended for elegant glamour arrangements, while a black frame will fit perfectly into modern, Scandinavian interiors. Original wall posters and graphics will also work well in the bathroom - posters for the bathroom with motivational quotes or in zen and spa style will look beautiful on the wall. Remember that due to the humidity in the room, you should put the posters in frames to protect them from damage. The wide selection of designs, colours and styles makes it easy to choose the suitable poster for your bedroom. Above the headboard of your bed, you can hang an elegant design with a passe-partout. Each product can also be matched to the colours of the interior by choosing the appropriate frame for the poster. Posters for the bedroom are a decorative element that will give your interior an individual touch and turn it into a cosy oasis.

Poster gallery and poster shop bimago

We are incredibly proud of wall posters, the latest collection from bimago! Our designer graphics are the fruit of talented artistsós work. Posters with inscriptions are the most popular decorative accessories which must be included in your home. Unique graphics with an interesting quote or sentence will spice up the dullest interior and add a personal touch. Typographic and motivational posters are an ideal way to personalise your interior. Great images and graphics are available in the poster shop. Our collection also includes traditional landscapes and landscaping that appeal to fans of classic decoration. We recommend the Photograph collection for art lovers, which features atmospheric photographs and artistic depictions of nature and architecture. In our group, you will also find extraordinarily fashionable and original Scandinavian posters, which impress with their minimalism. Wall posters in black, white, pastel, deer, geometric lines and bright graphic patterns in an aesthetic frame look stylish. Graphics in Scandinavian style are perfect not only for home interiors but also for the office. We especially recommend cheap wall posters with unusual black and white city maps, which, thanks to their versatility, are suitable for practically any room. Among posters for the office, you will find these and other modern motifs dedicated to such spaces. For those dreaming of tropical decoration in their home, we have prepared posters in a frame with an exotic theme - pineapples, flamingos, green tropical leaves, palm trees, monstera, banana trees and many other patterns with solid and juicy colours. In our shop, these patterns can be found in various colours and metallic gloss versions. We recommend ordering these posters in a silver frame for a highly chic effect. Botanical posters in vibrant green shades will add freshness and energy and emphasise the ecological and natural atmosphere of the interior. These products are ideal as wall posters for the bathroom. Add a poster to your basket and beautify the walls of your home simply and inexpensively!

Posters for home and as gifts

Posters for the home or for the office? There are really a lot of possibilities for an arrangement with modern graphics. Inexpensive posters, characterised by an extraordinary style, will help us quickly change the look of a room. In our shop, we have prepared collections dedicated to individual interiors. This way, you will find plenty of inspiration for decorating your home. Our gallery could have proposals for commercial spaces: collections of posters for hairdressing salons, gyms and offices will allow you to decorate our workplaces simply and effectively. Contemporary art-inspired designs with an elegant frames are sure to add just the right touch to a room. A modern framed poster can also be a great gift idea. In our shop, you can order framed posters or artwork packaged in an elegant frame in one of four colours. The designer map framed in a minimalist black frame will be the perfect gift for travel enthusiasts and fans of stylish decoration. A wall poster with an inspirational quote or a motivational caption will lift the spirits of the biggest pessimist. Funny wall posters with animals are an excellent gift for children and teenagers. If they follow the recent trends, they will undoubtedly enjoy the highly fashionable and original Scandinavian patterns and trendy tropical compositions. Customised posters can be purchased in a black, white, silver or gold frame. This way, it will be ready to hang upon delivery. You can find many other gift ideas in the bimago galleries in addition to original framed posters. Painting kits for children and adults will be an ideal gift for people who love art activities and DIY decorations. On the other hand, the world maps on cork and scratch maps will pleasantly surprise avid travellers. In addition, the wide range of prints, stickers and wall murals can also be an original gift for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Fast delivery and low price make it possible to find impressive and original gifts for various occasions at bimago. We encourage you to see the posters in our shop and other decorations composed by our designers.

Interior design with framed posters

Framed posters are the ideal solution if you don't have any ideasót for empty space on your wall. You can create your own gallery from our proposals. You can also opt for one distinctive poster – we leave this decision to you. In turn, we will ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible. You'll find fashionable wall posters in your parcel that are polished to the finest detail. UV protection ensures the intensity of colours. A framed poster looks very aesthetically pleasing, so don't think too long about whether it will be a good choice. We cannot wait to help you beautify your four corners. We look forward to receiving your order!

Large wall posters

The distinguishing feature of the bimago offer is that you will find large posters for your wall. How big? This is for our customers to decide; we are happy to adapt to their needs. No matter what kind of poster you like, you can choose the correct dimensions from among our proposals. If you need, we will prepare extra-large posters for your home; this is no problem! Regardless of the size, the wall decorations from our shop impress with their excellent workmanship. Posters are trendy because they can be used in so many ways - it's hard to count them! Even if, for example, you decide to move house, such decorations will quickly find their place in your new home. Wall posters are almost universal. If they have been hanging in the living room so far, after you move, you can put them in another room, such as the dining room or the office where you work. So it is an investment you will not regret.