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Get to know Bimago products

Dive deeper into what sets Bimago apart! Our decorations go beyond merely being stylish accessories for your space. They offer a multitude of benefits: they're the perfect solution for a quick makeover, essential for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, ideal for defining functional areas, and crucial for enhancing your overall well-being. If the thought of choosing the right decor seems overwhelming, consider embarking on a 'familiarization visit' to discover the full potential of our offerings.

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Hand-Painted Canvas

Our hand-painted canvases are the crown jewels of our brand and mark the beginning of our story. It all started in a quaint atelier, with each piece being meticulously painted by hand—a tradition we continue with even greater enthusiasm today. Each canvas is traditionally crafted and made-to-order, guaranteeing a unique piece every time. Our artists' skilled hands bring themes to life with exceptional precision, using only the finest ecological materials: Italian cotton canvas and pine wood frames. Our acrylic paints ensure durability—they won't crack, fade, or succumb to the elements, offering vibrant colors and a stunning gloss that lasts.

A hand-painted canvas from Bimago is not merely decor; it's a declaration of authenticity. Every piece, including reproductions, stands as a testament to individual creativity and talent, making it an exclusive addition to your collection. Thanks to the versatility of acrylic paints, our diverse selection of motifs includes everything from landscapes and portraits to abstracts and world-renowned masterpieces. The rich color palette and velvety sheen of our paints are preserved for years, especially with our protective varnish applied upon request. Our fast-drying and perfected process ensures this unique decor piece is ready for your home in less than two weeks!

Canvas Prints

For those aiming to infuse their interiors with style, canvas prints are an impeccable choice. Bimago's range includes everything from abstract designs to breathtaking landscapes, all crafted with high-quality materials and an eye for detail. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures every color and detail is captured, turning each print into a work of art. Canvas prints offer an effortless way to elevate any room—whether it's your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office. They catch the eye and add a sophisticated touch to your space. Our shop is organized into collections for easy navigation, helping you find precisely what you need to express your unique style.

Furthermore, canvas prints make fantastic gifts, providing a personal and stylish way to beautify any interior. With a variety of landscapes, abstracts, florals, vintage, geometric patterns, and animal motifs, our inspiring collections guarantee a quick and impactful interior makeover. A canvas print is more than decor; it's a design statement that brings an artistic flair to your space. Just find the perfect spot, hang it up, and enjoy the transformation. We're here to offer professional advice on choosing the right size and theme to ensure your canvas print perfectly complements your decor. Explore our collections and give your home the fresh, new look it deserves.

Premium Canvas Prints

Are you on the hunt for a distinctive canvas to revitalize your space? Are you an art aficionado eager to surround yourself with beauty at home? Look no further than our Premium Canvas Prints! Crafted from high-quality Italian cotton canvas, each print is made to order, ensuring exceptional care and flawless condition upon arrival. What truly distinguishes our premium canvas prints is the hand-finishing touch. Every print receives a transparent gel coating, creating an artistic painted effect that adds depth and texture. This process results in a glossy surface with fine texture that captures every detail of your chosen design. It’s the perfect finishing touch that will make your decor pop.

With a vast selection of sizes and motifs, you can design an interior where a premium canvas print becomes a standout feature for years to come. So why wait? Select your favorite design from our extensive collections, choose the right size and technique, and enjoy your premium canvas print now! Our decorations are the ideal way to infuse any room with elegance. Ready to hang straight out of the box on a sturdy loom, our premium canvas prints offer endless possibilities for interior design, boasting unparalleled quality and a look that will proudly adorn your walls!

XXL Large Canvas Prints

Wondering how to fill that empty space in your home? If you're looking for that one element to transform your interior into a real art gallery, our XXL Large Canvas Prints are the answer! These decorations will instantly revamp your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or studio. Best displayed in spacious areas like wide corridors or open concept living spaces, and even above your bed's headboard in large bedrooms, our large canvas prints add dynamism to any setting. Whether you prefer classic, retro, eclectic, or shabby chic, Bimago has something for everyone.

Our XXL canvas prints boast remarkable versatility, meeting and exceeding expectations for fans of both contemporary and classic art. Dive into our vibrant collection to discover enchanting floral motifs, breathtaking landscapes, striking abstracts, or incredible geometric forms! Each XXL canvas print comes with a foldable, sturdy frame and a high-quality canvas print rolled up, allowing you to easily assemble an extra-large decoration. With HD printing and UV resistance, the colors will remain vibrant for a long time. Explore all the XXL canvas prints available at Bimago and choose the one that perfectly captures the atmosphere of your space. Redefine your interior style with a real showstopper!

Paint by Numbers

Bimago was born from a passion for painting, which is why we've created a product that allows everyone to explore their artistic side! Paint by Numbers is a complete kit with all the accessories needed to create your very own masterpiece. Whether you're embarking on your painting journey, looking for a creative hobby, or in search of an original gift, this product is perfect for you. Each kit includes a pre-printed canvas stretched over a wooden frame, divided into numbered areas, acrylic paints in all necessary colors, two brushes of different sizes, and a control template. Our step-by-step instructions make this creative activity accessible, allowing you to complete your painting effortlessly. Ready to hang as soon as it dries, and for an even easier setup, we offer nails and hooks upon order.

Catering to a wide audience, our Paint by Numbers kits come in a rich selection of motifs. Whether you want to paint a dance scene from Pulp Fiction, an elegant still life, or Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to adorn your living room or bedroom walls, the choice is yours. Available in three difficulty levels, our kits range from simple children's patterns to complex scenes requiring more time and effort. We provide all materials needed, with smaller paintings printed on thinner non-woven canvas and larger ones on thicker Italian cotton canvas, each accompanied by a pine loom for easy display without needing an additional frame.

Wall Murals

Wall murals offer a fantastic way to rejuvenate and transform any room. The diversity of our designs is undoubtedly one of our collection's greatest strengths. Let yourself be inspired by our range of abstract compositions, botanical motifs, geometric shapes, and realistic photos of landscapes, cities, and animals. For nature enthusiasts, our floral motif wall murals perfectly complement the relaxed boho aesthetic, while our abstract designs add a captivating touch to modern and minimalist spaces.

A wide range of sizes makes choosing easy. Opt for a wall mural that covers an entire wall or a smaller format to decorate a specific section of the room. Moreover, the affordable price is a significant factor that attracts many customers. Compared to other decorative solutions, wall murals are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to enhance your home's design without breaking the bank.

Wall murals blend functional and aesthetic elements to create a comfortable and attractive space. They are easy to install and remove, enabling frequent decor changes to match current needs and trends. Wall murals are a simple yet effective way to visually enlarge your space. Opt for a 3D design to create an optical illusion, making any room appear larger. They also offer a brilliant solution for hiding wall imperfections, such as unevenness or cracks. Remember, a well-chosen wall mural can elevate any room, turning your wall into a magnificent work of art.

Premium Wall Murals

Allow us to introduce you to the captivating world of our premium wall murals—the ideal solution for turning a blank wall into a masterpiece! Made from a thicker, non-woven fabric of 175gsm, our premium wall murals are designed to last for years. The thicker material ensures better coverage, resulting in a flawless and even appearance. Our advanced large-format digital printing technology ensures every detail is precisely captured, delivering stunning, vibrant colors that will wow anyone in any room.

Our premium wall murals are available in a wide range of designs and styles, from breathtaking landscapes to unique abstract art and 3D optical illusions. Immerse yourself in our extraordinary collection and treat yourself to a bit of luxury, making your home interiors look stylish and elegant.

Installation is incredibly fast. Each mural comes with complete and easy-to-follow instructions, so no special skills are required! The mural is divided into 50 cm wide strips, making the installation process straightforward. The thicker material prevents tearing or wrinkling. Premium wall murals are perfect for those who value the highest quality at the best possible price. They give your walls a dynamic feel, leaving your guests in awe. Thanks to premium material on a sturdy paper base, they are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Transform any room into a beautiful, unique space that reflects your personal style with our premium wall murals.

Self-adhesive Wall Murals

Think your walls could use a bit of a refresh? Considering updating your home decor but want to avoid a long and costly redecoration? At Bimago, we have the perfect solution—our fantastic self-adhesive wall murals! This easy-to-install product is a cheap and effective alternative to painting your walls or undertaking a major renovation. Our self-adhesive wallpaper is the best way to upgrade your home affordably, offering a stunning transformation in just a single evening. All of our patterns are available as either non-woven wall murals or self-adhesive options. Many clients prefer the latter, as no additional glue is needed during installation. Made from safe, odorless material, our wall murals are suitable for both kitchens and children's rooms. HD print and UV resistance ensure color fastness, allowing you to place the decoration even in sunny areas without worry.

Why choose a self-adhesive wall mural from Bimago for your interior? It's a quick and convenient way to revive the look of your walls. A wide range of colors lets you find the perfect decoration for any space you wish to enhance. Remember, Bimago also offers plenty of patterns suitable for children's rooms and designs aimed at teenagers! Whether you're a fan of classic style, minimalism, or vibrant colors and original combinations, Bimago has a wall mural for you. Don't wait any longer—dive into our gallery of self-adhesive wall murals, pick your favorite design, and enjoy your refreshed interior for a long time!


Struggling to add life to a plain wall in your home or office? Wondering how to transform your space with minimal effort? Opt for posters to effortlessly give your interior a brand-new vibe. Our collection boasts a wide variety of posters: from abstract and geometric designs to landscapes, florals, botanical or animal motifs, and even world maps. You'll not only appreciate their visual appeal but also the practical benefits – they can be hung up or simply leaned against the wall on a shelf or dresser. When it's time for a change, they're also easy to move around. When selecting a poster at Bimago, consider choosing the right frame to make your wall art pop. A gold or silver frame suits glamorous interiors perfectly, while white or black frames are ideal for Scandinavian-style spaces.

Posters are incredibly versatile decorations, fitting for almost any room. They offer a simple and quick way to spruce up your living room, dining area, or child's bedroom. A carefully selected poster can not only refresh your space but also reflect your hobbies, passions, personality, or life philosophy. They're also an excellent choice for office spaces, lobbies, waiting areas, or dining establishments, providing an attractive alternative to canvas prints. While easier to install, they're equally impactful. Consider creating a wall gallery with posters that follow a unified theme or color palette for an engaging visual effect. Posters make for wonderful gifts for any occasion, too. Remember, our posters are known for their high quality and longevity, ensuring they'll adorn your space for years to come!