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All motifs of our wall murals are now available in the PREMIUM version - created for those who want to decorate their walls by themselves! Wallpapering your space can be extremely easy and fast by making the right decision and choosing the highest quality materials - PREMIUM wall murals from bimago! Delight all your household members and guests with the outstanding quality of beauty.

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The thicker PREMIUM material is more flexible than the standard non-woven one. The PREMIUM product from bimago fits very well on the wall, making it even easier for you to adjust the pattern of the wall mural during installation. In addition, the PREMIUM wall murals are printed with the latest technology, which results in the highest quality of image with rich colours and accurate details.


"The stronger PREMIUM material is also less prone to tearing during the installation of the wall mural, which is why this PREMIUM quality is gladly chosen by beginners who don't have much experience with wallpapering. But the PREMIUM wall mural from bimago is not only easy to install. It also gives you the possibility of changing easily your wall decoration for another design as soon as you get bored with this one!"

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What are premium wall murals?

The premium wall murals from bimago are top quality wall decorations. They are made with specialised material, which provides the user with even better quality than a standard print and guarantees higher durability. The premium wall murals from bimago are produced with the latest printing technology, which allows us to obtain the highest image quality with intense colours and accurately reproduced details. In addition, premium wall murals are dirt-resistant and easy to clean, making them an effective and simple way to decorate all types of rooms. Premium wall murals from bimago are available in a variety of designs and styles, from abstract and artistic motifs to breathtaking landscapes as well as premium print quality designs with animals or plants that will transport you to a tropical oasis, to a birch forest smelling of fresh morning dew or among the majestic horses in a gallop. The premium wall murals are a great way to enhance your home décor and give it an original look that reflects your personality!

What are the advantages of premium wall murals?

The highest quality print is not the only feature of the Premium wall murals. It is also the incredible durability and strength of our material! Our premium wall murals provide the highest standards of resistance to mechanical damage. They are easy to clean and resistant to dirt, making them ideal for any type of interior. Our premium wall murals are made from natural, breathable materials that allow for easy air circulation. However you decide to decorate your space and whatever your aesthetic, you are sure to find a motif that will meet all your expectations. Premium wall murals are easy and quick to install! Furthermore, when it's time to change your interior decoration after some years, they are just as simple to remove. Home restyling has never been easier! Premium wall murals offer many more advantages that make users so eager to enhance the look of their homes just with this type of wall covering. These include the high quality of the print, the durability of the material, as well as the ease of cleaning and installation. Premium wall murals will invigorate your home decor without blowing your budget and making you tired!