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Acoustic prints are an original wall decoration that combines original, modern design with exceptional practical use. Thanks to a special internal foam, these prints have sound-absorbing properties, thus ensuring better acoustic comfort in the room and protection against noise and reverberation! The acoustic print will be perfect as a decoration for an office, study, children's and youth rooms - everywhere where the additional effect of muting will positively affect our focus, concentration and productivity.

Acoustic Panel Living Room

If you want to decorate your home in an individual style, using uncommon decorations, choose a decorative acoustic panel. In bimago, you can find a great number of such products, so you don't have to worry that none of them will meet your expectations. We suggest an impressive acoustic panel living room or for any other interior. These are not only unusual wall decorations, but also protection from the noise that can be a true burden. Easily, you will get rid of echo and intrusive sounds in a room. Our acoustic panel design ideas will make your stay at home even more pleasant. You will no longer be irritated with loud conversations of your neighbours or other noise from the outside. Acoustic panels are a must in any room intended for studying or work. They will work well in a home office or a child's room.


Decorative Acoustic Panel For Wall

When going through the bimago collection, you will see that it's quite varied. We want to ensure everyone a possibility to find a perfect product. Here, you can buy a decorative acoustic panel in neutral and bright colours. You can choose from a variety of patterns, like animals, street art, floral or abstract. Such a stylish acoustic panel can be really practical. You will spot the difference right after hanging it on a wall. You don't have to only take our word for it because you can easily check it yourself. Just select the right panel for your house, adjusted to your needs but also design’s style, and see the magic happen.

Acoustic Panel Design Ideas

By selecting a decorative acoustic panel for wall, you gain unusual ornament as well as soundproofing of your interior to the highest level. You can easily relax in silence, focus on your work, talk to your close ones, or develop your hobbies. Every acoustic panel fabric is made of special foam. It gives you the certainty that decoration from bimago effectively reduces noise. Remember that apart from acoustic panel fabric, you pick the size of the canvas on your own, so you will easily adjust it to any arrangement in your house. We have much to offer when it comes to acoustic panels, so take a minute to go through the offer.