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Scandi Boho

When the summer sun's beams filter through drying flower and grass stalks, you can already feel that it's time for a change. Our proposal this time is Scandi Boho - the perfect marriage of the minimalistic Scandinavian style with the freedom of the boho aesthetic. Let us wrap our house in warm beige and white, and let the summer memories add warmth to the interior ... with a bit of nostalgia.

The scandi boho style combines structured minimalism with ease and casual approach. Interiors decorated in this style are warm and cosy, where simple colours, based mainly on beige and white, are complemented by a multitude of motifs. Scandi boho likes simple graphics (also those referring to line art), but there are also visible inspirations from watercolour and photography.

A bedroom in the scandi boho style is a quiet and cosy space - minimalist graphics in shades of beige and warm, off-white are perfect here. In turn, the bathroom or the scandi boho kitchen gives us the opportunity to introduce plant motifs: grasses, palm trees, leaves and flowers. In fact, however, any room can perfectly match the aesthetics of this style, and it is only up to us what elements we choose: minimalist graphics, retro illustrations or photos playing with light.