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A human body is a physical home for a soul for some people, while for others it's nature's masterpiece and the quintessence of beauty. The female body has been fascinating to artists for ages and it still is a central motif in art! With the painting by numbers sets from bimago you, too, can become an artist after only a few brush strokes! Imagine your feelings and let the creativity move you, create sensual and romantic paintings - abstract, linear or classical portraits and nudes. The sets for painting by numbers with women are intimate decorations and a perfect gift for your other half.

Paint by numbers lady

Are you looking for an enjoyable and relaxing pastime? What about a painting by numbers? Although it takes a while to see the outcome, the time is well-spent. And one of the most appreciated motifs is women. Black and white? Vivid? Pastel? Either way, you will be captivated by our pieces from the women paint by numbers. And what is even more important to mention is that you can contribute to the final effect yourself. Let us celebrate feminine beauty and charm with a brush in one hand and paint in the other! In our offer, you will find pieces with flower accents like Flowers On Eyes or Girl With Chrysanthemums as well as sensual pieces like Elegant Hat, Back of A Nude or Red Skirt. There are also women paint by numbers inspired by pop art and oriental art forms. Once you have put the finishing touches to your work, you may hang your paint by numbers woman right in the centre of your living room or a bedroom. Anytime you will look at your artwork, you will feel proud and willing to face a new challenge. How about a painting with an iconic figure, then?

Our paint by numbers women series abounds with pictures with cinematographic stars like Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. But there are also reproductions of the world-renowned pieces like Simonetta Vespucci by Sandro Botticelli or the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. With a little help of numbers on the canvas and selected paint colours, you will feel inspired and engaged just like the prominent artists of old times. Thanks to the wide variety in our paint by numbers lady series, you will easily find something to match the style of your apartment. Just browse our shop and choose the piece that draws your attention most or combine a few pieces to create something even more spectacular.