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Paint and pray. These simple words convey the sense of this kind of art. In bimago, we care to provide paintings in different styles and of different motifs, and the paintings inspired by spirituality are also a part of our collection. Enjoy peace, love and harmony of your soul. Deepen your spirituality while indulging in creation. The work that you might do will be a souvenir of your internal journey! Painting kit with angels improves concentration, calms you down and develops motor skills. In this case, painting on a canvas has an additional, spiritual aspect!

Guardian angel paint by number

Angels are a truly magical motif for wall decor. With bimago's angels paint by numbers kits you can invite more than one of them to you household. Not only that, you will be their creator! Painting by numbers is a great pastime for everyone. You really do not have to have artistic talent to paint an awesome picture thanks to an angel paint by number kit from our rich collection. The kit includes everything you will need to paint beautiful wall decor. The canvas has numbered spaces with outlines. The colours of paint have corresponding numbers. The brushes are also included. Just pick your angels, order and in a few days’ time you will be enjoying almost bringing them to life with paint by numbers angels from our website! Choose from colourful images with angels and flowers, grayscale sketches or quotes bedecked with the portrait of a sweet angel, with our rich collection you will easily find the ideal one for you and your interiors!

Angel Paint By Number Kit

Girl's rooms are among the most popular destinations for a guardian angel paint by number painting. Build a feeling of security and at the same time adorn the walls with unique art! Composed by you and your loved ones, every canvas is a one-of-a-kind work of art. A very important day in everyone's like - the First Communion is an awesome occasion to gift your kids with wall art depicting angels. With such a present you give them hours and hours of fun when they fill those gaps with the right colours! It is an exceptional feeling for kids, every time they lay their little eyes on a painting, they created they will feel priceless satisfaction. It also gives a meaning of purpose to their endeavors in life, teaching them that when you patiently add time, the final effect can and often will be astonishing.