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Living rooms are the soul of our homes. It's challenging to estimate how much time is spent there. It is a fact, however, that a living room is a room of warmth and comfort! And a comfortable room doesn't mean we have to prioritize function over style - one of the best styles to use in the home is glamour. What's best about it is its lightness, reflected in the form of a poster from bimago. Glamour posters are delicate pink, gold, black and silver! The glamour poster will accentuate the interior style - while the vivid print will add character to them.

Glamour poster

Glamour style is one of the hottest trends in interiors design. People like it because it works wonders with seemingly odd elements. A combination of modern design with puboque splendour? The glamour style says – why not? When we think of glamour, we think of elegance and chic. And these features characterise bimago’s glamour posters as well. Time has come for glamour style to find its well-deserved place on your walls! In our offer, there are impressive prints that beam with pride and elegance. We recommend a striking noire photo of Marilyn Monroe that will strike a chord with fans of the good old Hollywood movies. Those who crave for something different will like our autumnal series of posters kept in a slightly sentimental but harmonious style. With glamour posters, you can arrange your interiors uniquely and tastefully. Our posters will stun your guests with their contrastive and eye-catching themes. Why not give them a chance?


Chic posters

Our world is huge – that’s a fact. But the variety and number of many different styles can astonish as well! It would prove difficult to get to know and assess them all. With that in mind, bimago created one in their kind glamour posters to meet the expectations of our clients and have their interiors filled with luxury and taste. You can freshen up your rooms and arrange them in your own way thanks to a wide range of chic, stylish decorations. For example, you may embellish your walls with a poster with a text. Available in many different colours, our posters will suit everyone’s needs. They will look good with all kinds of accessories and will be stylish elements of any room you choose. You may hang one of them on the wall or put it on the floor against the wall. Our chic posters are perfect for minimalistic interiors and glimmering room accessories. Glamour style has lots more to offer. A simple poster can add a luxurious touch and fine style. Get one and see for yourself!

Glamour art prints

When we were designing our glamour collection, we focused on creating sophisticated prints in good taste. This style is extremely challenging because you can easily exaggerate and create kitsch pieces instead of elegant decorations. As we tried hard to avoid that effect, bimago’s glamour art prints were designed with great care, and now they delight with subtle forms and elegant motifs. The intense colours and dazzling elements will bring luxury air to your interiors. Our glamour art prints will be ideal accessories of modern living rooms and bedrooms.