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The trend from years ago is back: Wallpapers in a new, refreshed form! Modern wall murals are a completely new dimension of decoration: minimalistic, subdued patterns will be perfect as decorations for all walls in the room, while more expressive motifs will look great in exposed parts of the interior (e.g. the wall behind the sofa or headboard of the bed). Find purple, blue and other wallpapers, your favorite decoration colors. Discover trendy non-woven wallpapers in bimago and easy-to-install self-adhesive wallpapers.

Trendy wallpapers

Modern wallpapers in the bimago gallery are unusual wall decorations with a designer look. Designed by our designers, they reflect the most fashionable interior trends. The wallpaper will allow you to change the look of your interior and give it a completely new character. The original wallpaper designs make creating a trendy look in your interior easy. Among the wallpapers, you will find motifs inspired by exotic ornaments and ethnic art, abstract patterns, animal motifs, floral and plant designs and patterns imitating concrete, wooden or brick walls. At the bimago shop, you will find wallpapers on interlining, also in a convenient self-adhesive version. With a selection of over 600 products, there is something for everyone.


We have prepared collections with geometric shapes for fans of wallpapers with a more classic look. And remember the striped wallpaper, whose elegant look will delight you and your guests. More similar patterns can be found in the dots and abstracts collection. Among them are some that will successfully decorate a room in a minimalist, Scandinavian or eclectic style. If you are looking for hints for specific interiors, see the wallpapers for the living room. On the other hand, wallpapers with floral and plant motifs are decorations dedicated to people looking for subtle and stylish decorative solutions. The pattern of wallpaper will be perfect for both classically furnished interiors and modern arrangements. You can find interesting 3D wallpaper motifs in the collection Effects/Backgrounds. The decorative wallpapers in this collection are inspired by building materials such as concrete. As a result, decorating an interior with a brick wall or a stone wall will be extremely simple - all you need to do is apply a wall wallpaper with such a pattern. Such products will also look great in public spaces; if you are thinking about wallpapers for the office, you will undoubtedly find the perfect decoration at bimago. Elegant wallpapers in herringbone or stripes are ideal for office spaces. Look at the bimago collections, with the most fashionable and popular designs available.

Cheap non-woven wallpaper

Comfortable and elegant wall decorations are the bimago gallery's wallpapers. The high-quality Full HD print guarantees that vivid colours and impressive reproduction of the finest details will characterise the wallpapers on your wall. Self-adhesive wallpapers are convenient for those looking for wall decorations that are easy to install. Such wallpapers are dedicated mainly to places where mounting wallpaper can be problematic, e.g. bevels, surfaces near windows or stairs. At the bimago gallery, all wallpapers and wall murals are printed with ecological and odourless toners. The wall wallpapers are made of interlining. This is a modern material that is more durable than traditional paper. Fleece wallpaper does not stretch, masks slight irregularities in the wall (up to 4 mm), and at the same time provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Another advantage of this material is that it makes traditional installation very easy. In the bimago shop, fleece wallpaper can be purchased in 50 cm wide rolls. Before you add it to your shopping basket, a handy calculator will allow you to calculate the number of rolls you need to wallpaper a specific area of your walls. In order to stick the wallpaper, all you need to do is grease the wall surface with glue and then apply the wallpaper. As long as the glue has not dried, you can correct the position of the wallpaper. The simple installation means that even people sticking wallpaper for the first time will not have any significant problems with it. Cool wallpaper is sold in rolls of 0.5 by 10 metres. With the calculator available on the website, it is easy to calculate the number of rolls based on the surface area of the walls in the room. Wall wallpaper is an effortless way to change your interior; discover wallpaper on a non-woven wallpaper from bimago.

Cool self-adhesive wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper frees you from the glue and mess of installation. The decoration can be easily adapted and, if necessary, removed from the wall. Self-adhesive wallpapers are recommended for people looking for a wall decoration to apply themselves. The products are especially suitable for rooms with irregular shapes, slants and wall sections that are difficult to access. Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, applying wallpaper has never been easier. Wallpaper on interlining can also be used in unusual places, not only on the wall but also on tables, furniture fronts or interior doors. In the bimago shop, each wallpaper is available in a self-adhesive version, so the design range is wide. Our wallpapers include minimalist, black and white patterns and graphic patterns in floral or animal motifs. With the help of fashionable prints, you can easily change the look of your home using this wallpaper.

Pretty decorative wallpaper

The interior of our home deserves decorations made of high quality. Wallpaper for the wall from our shop can certainly boast this designation. A non-woven wall decoration with a modern design is sure to become a tasteful part of your interior design. How do we choose the perfect cheap wallpaper for us? It is worth following a few rules when selecting a decoration: The living room is usually the largest, and you can be tempted to go for bolder and more modern wallpaper designs there. In the bedroom, to give it a relaxing feel, the wallpaper should be in muted colours, matching the overall interior design. A bright wall wallpaper will undoubtedly brighten up the interior. So if our room lacks sunlight or we have dark-coloured furniture, it's a good idea to choose patterns in light colours. Graphic designs can overwhelm the interior, so ornaments and abstract wallpapers are recommended for living and larger rooms. Narrow and small interiors should be decorated with delicate pattern motifs such as floral or geometric designs. Wallpaper on interlining or paper is unfortunately only suitable for some rooms. The bathroom is an interior where moisture could damage this wall decoration. In the kitchen, fleece wallpaper should only be in the vicinity of the worktop if you protect it with a glass panel. Wallpaper covered in this way will be a striking decoration for a long time. Check out the dedicated room wallpaper collections, where you can find inspiration for decorating specific rooms of your home.

The perfect wallpaper for every room

When creating wallpapers, our designers were inspired by the latest trends in interior design. Our collections feature geometric patterns, stripes, flowers, quilting, floral motifs and ornaments. With such a wide variety of motifs, wallpaper has many design possibilities. For this reason, the wallpapers in our gallery are ideal for different rooms. In the collection of wallpapers for the kitchen, you will find modern ideas for interior decoration. Mosaics, contemporary patterns and culinary motifs will allow you to metamorphose this room. Nice wall wallpapers can be found on just one of the walls; such a solution will achieve an original effect and accentuate the decorative character of the wallpaper. In the living room, there is a lot of freedom in motifs, and you can even go for a humorous touch and choose wallpaper with an animal motif. Such an arrangement will certainly be original and modern. The wallpapers in our shop could not miss delicate floral patterns, with subtle details, which are perfect for the bedroom. Please look at the collection of dedicated bedroom wallpapers in our shop. On the other hand, for those looking for oriental decorative accessories, we recommend pretty wallpapers with an ornament motif. We invite you to take a look at our wide offer of wallpapers for walls, whose low price will allow you to carry out an effective and, at the same time, cheap interior metamorphosis.

The history of wallpaper

Wallpaper is a decoration that is several hundred years old. They have been known in Europe since the 16th century but became popular in the 18th century when imported from China. Initially, the decorative motifs on the wallpaper were painted by hand. Later on, the designs were printed with woodblock printers. At the end of the 18th century, machine printing was introduced. Wallpaper became more accessible and was designed by artists such as Francois Boucher and William Morris. The main centres of wallpaper production were in countries such as France, England, the Netherlands and Germany. Each of these manufacturers was characterised by its unique style. In France and England, panoramas and genre scenes were fashionable. In addition, French manufacturers specialised in wallpaper using optical illusions. The industrial production of wallpaper in England meant that less affluent residents could afford it. Inexpensive wallpapers were characterised by colourful floral and geometric motifs that helped brighten interiors and introduce more vibrant colours. Wallpaper has undergone quite a metamorphosis over the centuries in terms of the materials used and the decorative motifs. Nowadays, modern wallpapers and wall murals are characterised by various inspirations and a wide choice of colours, making it easy to match them to any interior.

Decorative wallpapers

In the bimago gallery, you can find various styles of wallpapers. Unique patterns will successfully decorate our interior in a loft, Scandinavian or rustic style. Minimalist patterns, floral patterns or ornaments on wallpapers are available in various colours and variants. An industrial living room design can be achieved with 3d wallpaper imitating a brick wall, wooden planks or a stone wall. The ultra-modern designór will work well with the raw interior of a loft. For fans of rustic decoration, on the other hand, we recommend wallpapers in earthy colours, which will go well with wooden furniture and stone floors. Fans of boho and oriental styles can also find cool wallpapers with mosaics inspired by ethnic ornaments. Colourful patterns, themes and adornments on the wall inspired by art from worldwide will look extremely elegant in the living room or bedroom. Our offer also includes wallpapers dedicated to the children's room. In addition to funny animal motifs, you can find designs with fairy-tale creatures, cars and stars. With Bimago wallpapers arranging an interior in any style will be effortless. Applying these wall decorations will allow us to achieve the dream look of the room. We encourage you to look at our collection of fashionable wallpapers for the wall, which will add character to our interiors.

Wallpaper for the wall

Wallpaper in a variety of patterns will help you create a unique space. You will find designs in a variety of colours. Wallpaper in stripes, checks or dots is for those looking for classic decorative solutions. More imaginative colours are also popular. Mosaic wallpapers, Moroccan clover resembling tiles or the oriental zigzags category are decorations which will effectively change the interior design. By using it as an addition to furniture or equipment in an oriental style, we will create a coherent whole in the room. The wallpaper can be placed on a single wall because of its vivid colours, thus creating a fantastic interior full of colour. In our shop, you can also find wallpapers for specific interiors; this will help those undecided on a dedicated decoration for the living room, kitchen, children's room or office.

Wallpaper by style

Decorative wallpapers can be used not only in any room but also in interiors of different styles. In the bimago offer, you will find such popular categories as glamour, industrial, boho, Scandinavian or colonial style designs. The various techniques mean that there is something for everyone. Wallpaper in the glamour style is decorative patterns with elegant motifs and the addition of such colours as gold, silver or burgundy. This decoration will look great near mirrors, gold frames or leather sofas. Modern wallpaper in this style will work in any interior: living room, bedroom or beauty salon. Different types of wallpaper can also be used in the children's room. For babies, a delicate boho or shabby chic style will be perfect. On the other hand, wallpaper in a Scandinavian or minimalist style will be perfect in the room of a toddler. When it comes to wallpaper dedicated to a teenager's room, we recommend expressive, exotic or futuristic wallpaper. Wall wallpapers in the Style category are designs divided according to the most fashionable trends. This division will help you match the decoration to a specific arrangement in your home or office.

Wallpaper for specific interiors

Our range of products is extensive. This ensures that you will find wallpaper for every room in your home. We have assured you that in the bimago collection, you will find perfect proposals for all interiors; minimalist, romantic, glamour, modern, loft, Scandinavian, boho and many others. Browse through them and see that they are perfect for decorating your walls. They are an excellent alternative to painting surfaces with paint. Even if you opt for an intense colour rather than white, you may get the impression that the walls appear empty. Painting the patterns yourself is difficult, so our cool wallpaper works reliably in such situations. Installing them takes little time, and the effect will surely please everyone in your household. We have trendy wallpapers that will remain part of interior trends for a long time.

Different patterns and types of a wallpaper at bimago

If you dream of new wallpaper, bimago is the ideal place to shop. With us, you will carry out a quick metamorphosis of your chosen interior and be delighted with the results. The designs available in the wallpaper collection are so varied that even a very demanding person will find something suitable. Why have we introduced so many products? We know that amazing wallpaper is a matter of taste and individual preference. We want to ensure that we have something in the range for everyone, with no exceptions. What is worth emphasising is that our wall wallpapers are diverse not only in terms of design but also in terms of their types. Although the interlining ones have many advantages, we know some need a wider choice. Hence, wallpaper for the wall can also be ordered as a self-adhesive variant, as you are already well aware.

Wallpaper on one wall

Wallpaper gives you many options. Of course, you can put it on all four walls of a room without any obstacles, but this is only sometimes the recommended solution. This applies in particular to wallpaper in intense colours and with striking patterns. If this is the case, the room will be too overcrowded, and you will get the impression of chaos. If you want wallpaper with a distinctive motif, stick it on one wall only. It could be the one next to the sofa or bed. It is enough to change even the most monotonous arrangement. The wallpapers you can order in our shop will undoubtedly help you to realise your plans for changes in your home. Even though you don't have to carry out a significant renovation, you will immediately notice the difference in how the room looks. This is one of the main reasons why you choose wallpaper. You only put a little effort into the metamorphosis of the interior, but you get great results. What is important is that you can install these wall decorations without the help of professionals, even if it is your first time wallpapering!

Wallpapers – modern removable wall decals

Wallpapers and backgrounds which you can find in bimago gallery are amazing wall decorations, that fulfil high requirements of quality and design. Our unique wallpapers are easy to install and can change your room in blink of an eye. In our categories, you can find more than 200 wallpapers with different motifs and styles. We constantly update our selection of patterns in bimago shop. Classic wallpapers have many various designs, f.e. floral or oriental ones. If you're more into abstract shapes, our geometrical wallpaperswould be the perfect choice for you. These patterns will create a wonderful dynamic atmosphere in all of your rooms. It’s also worthy to check out stripped wallpapers- their elegant look will enrapture you and your guests. On the other hand, floral wallpapers are dedicated to people, who are searching for subtle and stylish arrangement ideas. Apart from this, in Backgrounds and Patterns collection you'll also find the latest wallpaper trend: stone, wood and concrete, which can help you to achieve an urban or industrial arrangement style in fast and cheap way. If you choose this kind of wallpaper you'll save both time and money. We invite you to take a look around in bimago wallpapers collection, where you can find unique wall decorations!

The unique quality of wallpapers from Bimago

The easy and comfy way of renew your home? Choose an elegant decoration for your walls, wallpaper from the Bimago online gallery. Our full HD quality wallpapers guarantee lively colors, details and contrasts. All non-woven wallpapers are organic and safe thanks to our high quality printer. Non-woven wallpapers have awaken people's interest because of their unique characteristics, apart from the traditional wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers are easy to work with and are easily mounted with regular paste. Even if it's the first time mounting a non-woven wallpaper, there's no need to be afraid of failing. You can easily correct the paper before the paste has set. All wallpapers from Bimago kan be ordered in lengths of 0,5x10 meters. Calculate how much of the wall you need to cover and afterwards order the lengths you need. Our advice is to buy 1-2 extra lengths. Discover our modern wallpapers to reasonable prices here at Bimago and create a unique character and identity in your home.

Wallpapers - a wall decor that goes way back

Wallpapers are decorations that are more than a hundred years old. In Europe, wallpapers have been known since the beginning of the 1600's, but it wasn't until in the 1800's they were imported and produced in a bigger scale, as the wallpapers grew more and more popular. At first decorative wallpapers were hand painted but with the help of wooden stencils different kinds of prints were tested. Not until 1850 printing presses were manufactured in Europe and Sweden imported them from England at the time. Only Francois Boucher and William Morris were the two wallpaper designers that became truly famous. All bigger wallpaper manufacturers in France, England, Holland and Germany are characterized by their own unique style. Both in France and England wallpapers with panoramic views were the most popular. The personal taste in the different countries in Europe could both be alike and different. The French for example liked wallpapers with optic illusions in particular. In England, wallpapers with geometrical and plant patterns were popular. What we today call wallpaper has gone through centuries of fascinating metamorphosis - both regarding development processes, material and decoration. Today, wallpapers are recognized by different sources of inspiration and broad variation of colors to make it possible for us to style our homes with our own personality and character.

Wallpapers - ideas for every room

Inspired by the latest trends - here's our new wallpapers. Patterns can be widely chosen from flowery and graphic ones to classic stripes. Thanks to our wide collection of patterns you'll have endless possibilities when designing your home. When you choose a wallpaper for your kitchen or dining room, living room or bedroom there's basically no limits! If you would like to create an eye-catching wall, paper one singe wall - like an accent wall. But if you would like to create a cozier feeling in a room we recommend to paper the whole room. Wallpapers with subtle hues and soft colors are perfect for bedrooms. If you'd like to create an eye-catcher in the dining room or living room, we recommend one of our geometrical or abstract motifd wallpapers. In order to create the feeling of a loft with a modern industrial look, you should choose a concrete or brick motifd wallpaper. Do you want your home to breath an oriental feel? A classic for oriental decoration is our ornament wallpapers. We hope you take a look around the shop and discover our designer wallpapers at