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The trend from years ago is back: Wallpapers in a new, refreshed form! Modern wall murals are a completely new dimension of decoration: minimalistic, subdued patterns will be perfect as decorations for all walls in the room, while more expressive motifs will look great in exposed parts of the interior (e.g. the wall behind the sofa or headboard of the bed). Find purple, blue and other wallpapers, your favorite decoration colors. Discover trendy non-woven wallpapers in bimago and easy-to-install self-adhesive wallpapers.

Wallpapers – modern removable wall decals

Wallpapers and backgrounds which you can find in bimago gallery are amazing wall decorations, that fulfil high requirements of quality and design. Our unique wallpapers are easy to install and can change your room in blink of an eye. In our categories, you can find more than 200 wallpapers with different motifs and styles. We constantly update our selection of patterns in bimago shop. Classic wallpapers have many various designs, f.e. floral or oriental ones. If you're more into abstract shapes, our geometrical wallpaperswould be the perfect choice for you. These patterns will create a wonderful dynamic atmosphere in all of your rooms. It’s also worthy to check out stripped wallpapers- their elegant look will enrapture you and your guests. On the other hand, floral wallpapers are dedicated to people, who are searching for subtle and stylish arrangement ideas. Apart from this, in Backgrounds and Patterns collection you'll also find the latest wallpaper trend: stone, wood and concrete, which can help you to achieve an urban or industrial arrangement style in fast and cheap way. If you choose this kind of wallpaper you'll save both time and money. We invite you to take a look around in bimago wallpapers collection, where you can find unique wall decorations!

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The unique quality of wallpapers from Bimago

The easy and comfy way of renew your home? Choose an elegant decoration for your walls, wallpaper from the Bimago online gallery. Our full HD quality wallpapers guarantee lively colors, details and contrasts. All non-woven wallpapers are organic and safe thanks to our high quality printer. Non-woven wallpapers have awaken people's interest because of their unique characteristics, apart from the traditional wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers are easy to work with and are easily mounted with regular paste. Even if it's the first time mounting a non-woven wallpaper, there's no need to be afraid of failing. You can easily correct the paper before the paste has set. All wallpapers from Bimago kan be ordered in lengths of 0,5x10 meters. Calculate how much of the wall you need to cover and afterwards order the lengths you need. Our advice is to buy 1-2 extra lengths. Discover our modern wallpapers to reasonable prices here at Bimago and create a unique character and identity in your home.

Wallpapers - a wall decor that goes way back

Wallpapers are decorations that are more than a hundred years old. In Europe, wallpapers have been known since the beginning of the 1600's, but it wasn't until in the 1800's they were imported and produced in a bigger scale, as the wallpapers grew more and more popular. At first decorative wallpapers were hand painted but with the help of wooden stencils different kinds of prints were tested. Not until 1850 printing presses were manufactured in Europe and Sweden imported them from England at the time. Only Francois Boucher and William Morris were the two wallpaper designers that became truly famous. All bigger wallpaper manufacturers in France, England, Holland and Germany are characterized by their own unique style. Both in France and England wallpapers with panoramic views were the most popular. The personal taste in the different countries in Europe could both be alike and different. The French for example liked wallpapers with optic illusions in particular. In England, wallpapers with geometrical and plant patterns were popular. What we today call wallpaper has gone through centuries of fascinating metamorphosis - both regarding development processes, material and decoration. Today, wallpapers are recognized by different sources of inspiration and broad variation of colors to make it possible for us to style our homes with our own personality and character.

Wallpapers - ideas for every room

Inspired by the latest trends - here's our new wallpapers. Patterns can be widely chosen from flowery and graphic ones to classic stripes. Thanks to our wide collection of patterns you'll have endless possibilities when designing your home. When you choose a wallpaper for your kitchen or dining room, living room or bedroom there's basically no limits! If you would like to create an eye-catching wall, paper one singe wall - like an accent wall. But if you would like to create a cozier feeling in a room we recommend to paper the whole room. Wallpapers with subtle hues and soft colors are perfect for bedrooms. If you'd like to create an eye-catcher in the dining room or living room, we recommend one of our geometrical or abstract motifd wallpapers. In order to create the feeling of a loft with a modern industrial look, you should choose a concrete or brick motifd wallpaper. Do you want your home to breath an oriental feel? A classic for oriental decoration is our ornament wallpapers. We hope you take a look around the shop and discover our designer wallpapers at