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the wild
~Art Collection~

Discover the vibe of nature entangled in images

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Into the wild

Close your eyes. Can you feel those gentle, warm rays of the sun on your eyelids? Take a deep breath. Do you feel the scent of mountains, plains and rivers ... Autumn will be here in a moment, you can feel it in the delicate touch of the evening mist, in the smell of the wind entangled in horse's mane. In our latest collection, we have combined the atmosphere of nostalgia and roughness of a coldblood land that follows the passing of summer. It is our universal admiration for the beauty of nature. Do you share our feelings?

Free yourself

My wish is to stay always like this,
living quietly in a corner of nature. Claude Monet

Pure nature

Into The Wild An Extraordinary collection of posters and paintings on canvas

The beginnig of autumn is a magical time. With the appearance of evening mists and cooler gusts of wind, we are overwhelmed by this completely new feeling ... It's not sadness - rather a nostalgy and contemplation of the eternal strength and beauty of nature. The collection of posters and paintings by Into The Wild is a tribute to nature on the threshold of autumn - majestic, proud, and breathtaking. We have composed the beauty of landscapes (still lush green, but already bathed in cool fog) with artistic photos of animals, which gave the entire collection a unique expression.

Calm and soothing the senses AArt photos outdoors

Photographs of horses and mountains are the leading motifs of the Into The Wild collection. Color inspirations here initially revolve around warm shades of brown, then plunge deeper into the fog and colder colors. The whole is crowned with motifs based on warm, juicy green - the one associated with open space, giving breath and inviting to calm down and silent contemplation of the majesty of nature. Artistic photos perfectly fit into the nature minimal trend and delight with their expressiveness - and each motif is available both in the form of a modern poster in a frame, as well as a classic canvas painting.

Art photos of nature and animals