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Do you love fashionable and unique interiors? Do you like to be "in the know" and want to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional? Discover the latest trends in interior decoration and choose the ones that are closest to your heart. We have prepared a short guide for you, in which you will find all the trends in interior design that allow you to create a unique and well-thought-out space - both residential and office. We are convinced that with us, you will be able to create the apartment of your dreams, which will be perfectly tailored to the taste and lifestyle of the household. We invite you to our guide to current interior design trends!

Back to school

Back to school

The Back to school collection is an interesting proposition for any child or teenager. The right room arrangement will help you create an atmosphere that is most suitable for both playing and studying, whereas well-thought-out decorative accents will allow your child to reflect their passions and interests. At Bimago, you can find a unique collection of paintings and wall murals dedicated to teenagers. Animals, sports, the cosmos, or fantasy are just a few of our propositions, which will be the perfect solution for your child. Make their back-to-school experience a really pleasant one and opt for an interior makeover using original decorations from our latest collection named Back to School!

Sage Green

Sage Green

The Sage Green collection is inspired by the beauty of this pale green-gray colour, with yellow undertones, and the benefits of nature. Sage green in interiors not only refers to the latest botanical trends, but also symbolises the peace and relaxation we all long to bring into our own four walls. Sage green is the leitmotif of the wall decorations selected here, which can be combined with natural materials, such as wood and rattan, to create a cosy space in the organic spirit. Explore our collection and discover how a sage green poster or wallpaper, a botanical wall mural or a green room divider can embellish your home! After all, sage green is invigorating yet delicate, making it the right colour for any interior!



The Burst of Colour collection includes a range of posters, wallpapers and screens from bold geometric patterns to playful abstract shapes - these designs are sure to catch the eye and add a touch of fun to any space. The injection of colour that is Explosion of Colours will work well in Memphis group style, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors. With bold geometric forms and an expressive colour palette dominated by orange, blue and red, decorations such as screens, wallpaper, canvas prints, and posters from the collection will become the focal point of your home décor. Let yourself be carried away by the colours and find a decoration that will transform your interior!

A burst of colour

A burst of colour

The Burst of Colour collection includes a range of posters, wallpapers and screens from bold geometric patterns to playful abstract shapes - these designs are sure to catch the eye and add a touch of fun to any space. The injection of colour that is Explosion of Colours will work well in Memphis group style, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors. With bold geometric forms and an expressive colour palette dominated by orange, blue and red, decorations such as screens, wallpaper, canvas prints, and posters from the collection will become the focal point of your home décor. Let yourself be carried away by the colours and find a decoration that will transform your interior!



Do you love the functionality, simplicity and modern design? Do you want to bring a touch of the orient into your interior? Meet Japandi - a fresh and very striking trend in contemporary interior design, combining Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Decorations in this style are characterised by perfect harmony. A timeless, subtle colour palette, simplicity, gentleness, and nature inspire them. Here you will find original accessories to create a true oasis of calm - a cosy, light and highly comfortable space.

Best of 2022

Best of 2022

Best of 2022 is a collection of decorations that captured your hearts in the past year. We have gathered the most frequently chosen paintings, posters, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, and screens in one place. The effects are surprising and incredibly diverse. This only confirms that in bimago, everyone will surely find decorations perfectly tailored to the taste and lifestyle of the household, as well as the room's character. Plant motifs, minimalism, or abstraction? Check out which design styles reigned in 2022, get inspired, and create your unique interior with bimago!

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey is a real treat for space lovers! Here you will find decorations to create a truly individual and unique interior. The motifs range from planets or astronauts in spacesuits to spaceships. Speaking of the cosmos, remember the unique spiral galaxies captured by the Hubble Telescope, which are stunning in their colours? This cosmic trend is sure to appeal to anyone fascinated by the mysterious universe who wants to bring a bit of mystery into their space. Embark on a galactic journey with bimago and create a space-inspired interior!

trend a spark of magic

A Spark of Magic

Do you want to feel true magic in your interior? Be sure to check out A Spark Of Magic, which will take you to a mysterious land of inspiration. You will find here subtle and minimalist decorations - perfect for feminine arrangements. This trend is intended for all those who see magic in short moments, in other people, or nature. These are perfect decorations for apartments and houses filled with family warmth, where the residents feel a strong bond with the surrounding world. A Spark Of Magic is a subtle, natural, pastel colour that brings a cosy atmosphere to the room and will perfectly emphasize modern interior design. Feel the magic with bimago!

trend gentle stories

Gentle Stories

Gentle Stories is a trend that combines the simplicity of Scandinavia with the oriental style of Japan. These are unique decorations that impress with their aesthetics. Soft lines, subtlety, minimalism, and the beauty of nature are the features that make Gentle Stories intended for lovers of unusual and unique combinations. It will also appeal to people who appreciate aesthetic and practical interiors with a warm and cosy atmosphere. The Gentle Stories trend is known for its subtle and timeless colours, allowing you to create a peaceful and minimalist space.

trend Child's World

Child's World

Child's World features unique interior accessories that appeal to the little ones. You will find charming decorations that will make your child's room a cosy and safe space. The Children's World trend will take care of your child's special memories and the development of their creativity and imagination. You will find paintings, posters or wall murals with cute animals in fairy-tale and subdued colours here. Our decorations will allow you to create a harmonious and minimalist space ideally suited to your child's interests and age.

trend art deco

Art Deco

The extravagant and vibrant style of the 1920s inspires the Art Deco trend. These are unique accessories that will make your interior diverse and full of taste. Sophisticated materials, rich ornaments, and geometric shapes will create a unique atmosphere affecting all residents. With Art Deco canvas prints, posters, or photo wallpapers, you can feel like you're in the mansion of The Great Gatsby! The Art Deco trend is a solution for those who want to feel real magic, elegance, and 20th-century artistry in their space.

trend In Bloom

In Bloom

Do you want to feel a breath of freshness in your interior? Be sure to check out the unique trend In Bloom, inspired by the queen of all seasons, that is... spring! Decorations here refer to nature in bloom with their colours and motifs. Extremely colourful, cheerful, and bringing utterly new energy to the space, these accessories will surely become a unique decoration of your interior. Above all, you can find colourful flowers and green plants here. Choose your favourite motif, feel the spring atmosphere, and enjoy harmony, inner peace, and beauty with bimago!

Dopamine House

Dopamine House

Do you want to refresh your interior and bring in completely new energy? Dopamine Home is a bimago decoration that will surely help you with that! Carefully designed accessories will allow you to create a genuinely energetic space that will delight you daily with its unique combination of colours, shapes, and textures! Dopamine Home is synonymous with creative madness, thanks to which you will create a unique and perfectly tailored space for your lifestyle. You will find decorations here that are loud, controversial, and exciting. Break the patterns and create a unique interior with bimago!

trend Japanese Touch

Japanese Touch

Japanese Touch is a decoration that the Orient and the aesthetics of the Far East inspire. You will find here traditional Asian design, minimalist graphics, and unique motifs referring to Japanese culture. Fans of the Orient and minimalism will certainly love Japanese Touch. It is also a real treat for travellers with a particular fondness for this part of the world—ideally, this trend suits plant and floral motifs and those directly related to the Zen movement. Among the decorations, you can also find the characteristic architecture of Japan and portraits of geishas.

trend Flowers in Hair

Flowers in Hair

Flowers in Hair is a collection of unique decorations that prove that floral motifs never get boring! Colourful interior accessories will bring your space an extremely feminine and subtle atmosphere. This collection ranges from paintings or posters to murals and paint-by-number sets. Floristic patterns in the climate of line art or the trendy flower head motifs are decorations, thanks to which you will create the space of your dreams - timeless, unique and highly aesthetic. Check out the Flowers in Hair collection and enjoy the positive energy in your interior!

trend PasteLOVE


PasteLOVE is a trend that enthusiasts of timeless and universal solutions will surely love. The fashion for pastel decorations is not fading; on the contrary, it is gaining more and more supporters. Such accessories are suitable for both classic and modern interiors. They bring a cosy atmosphere, freshness and lightness to the room. The trend not only impresses with lovely colours but also with minimalist graphics. You will find both floral and flower motifs, as well as abstract figures, which are sure to be an original decoration of your space.

trend Nordic power

Nordic Power

Nordic Power are wall decorations that are, on the one hand, closely associated with the Scandinavian style and, on the other - vehemently opposed to it. It's the perfect way to bring positive energy into your interior, hidden in unique Scandinavian design. The Nordic-inspired accessories are full of expressive shapes, vibrant colours and simple minimalism. Fall in love with the Nordic Power trend and marvel at the simple form combined with contrasting colours. Create a truly original and minimalist space with us!

trend Fresh Flower Delivery

Fresh Flower Delivery

Fresh Flower Delivery is a trend that has particularly appealed to all flower lovers and enthusiasts. They are unique wall decorations that delight with their colours and are timeless and versatile. They are perfect for classic and modern interiors, bringing them a unique, romantic atmosphere. Here you will find a wide range of floral accessories in the form of canvas prints, posters, wall murals, or screens. Look at the Fresh Flower Delivery decorations, choose the ones that best suit your arrangement and create the interior of your dreams with us!

trend Scandi Boho

Scandi Boho

The Scandi Boho trend is a real treat for lovers of cosy and slightly nostalgic interiors. Here you will find unique wall decorations that combine minimalist Scandinavian style with a casual boho aesthetic. With their subtle and timeless colours, these accessories will bring calm and harmony to your interior. The motifs mainly include geometric patterns, floral compositions and minimalist prints inspired by watercolours and photography. The Scandi Boho trend is perfect for feminine living rooms and minimalist bedrooms!

trend Home Office

Home Office

Are you looking for ideas on how to arrange your workspace? Check out the unique Home Office collection, which will help you organise your space aesthetically and creatively. Here you will find wall decorations and screens to divide up the office space in any room. The wide selection of decorations will allow you to match accessories perfectly to your needs. For example, you will find minimalist graphics or Scandinavian landscapes here, which will give your home office a cosy atmosphere conducive to concentration.

trend Pantone 2022

Pantone 2022

The Colour of the Year 2022 was chosen as Very Peri, a blue classic with warmer red tones. The juxtaposition creates a truly electrifying colour that creates a pleasant interior atmosphere. Pantone 2022 is a unique decoration with a purple colour scheme. Here you will find paintings, posters and wall murals that will fit perfectly into modern interiors. Pantone 2022 decorations are energetic, dynamic and highly creative. Ideal for people who love trendy and unusual interiors. Decorate your space with the unique colour Vera Peri!

trend Self Love

Self Love

Self Love is truly a love trend! The decoration was inspired by celebrating one's well-being and trying to find a balance between caring for the soul and the body. Self Love features unique accessories that focus on self-love. Each day, they will remind you to stop in the rush of everyday life and take a moment for your pleasures. Themes range from minimalist graphics with a strong message to relaxing posters that will provide daily motivation. Take care of yourself and your interior with bimago!

trend Go Green

Go Green

Would you like to bring more nature into your interior? Is the urban jungle style particularly close to your heart? Check out the decorations that fit perfectly into the Go Green trend. They will give your space a unique atmosphere. Above all, you will find botanical motifs in all colours of green - from delicate sage to emerald. Go Green accessories are versatile and timeless. They will fit perfectly into any interior, bringing a cosy atmosphere. The Go Green accessories are timeless and universal. Create a natural oasis of calm with bimago!

trend In the Colours of Nature

In the Colours of Nature

In the Colours of Nature is a collection featuring delicate yet expressive decorations inspired by the shades of nature. Their great advantage is their universal and timeless character, as well as their elegance and subtlety. Accessories in earthy tones are suitable for both classic and modern interiors. The collection includes decorations inspired by multicoloured flowers, a green forest or a blue sky. We also recommend paintings, posters or wall murals in beige and brown, perfectly matching the boho or urban jungle style. Bring nature into your interior with bimago!

trend Who Run The World? Girls!

Who Run The World? Girls!

Are you looking for feminine and subtle decoration? Do you want to create a cosy interior that reflects your strength and confidence perfectly? Who Run The World? Girls! is a collection of unique decorations that perfectly emphasise femininity. Here you will find subtle beauty, infinite power, independence and ambition. These fantastic home accessories include feminine portraits, minimalist graphics or motivational slogans. Who Run The World? Girls! is a collection for exceptional women with two elements - strength and subtlety. Create your interior with us!

trend art of banksy

The Art Of Banksy

Banksy is one of the most famous yet mysterious street artists. His works have changed the perception of graffiti to such an extent that they are increasingly found in homes and flats. In our collection, The Art Of Banksy, you will find unique wall decorations inspired by the artist's most famous works. His distinctive style will allow you to create a truly original space that will delight your guests and your household every day. These are the perfect decorations for those who love to play with convention and are not afraid of bold and unconventional solutions.

trend Full Of Love

Full Of Love

Full Of Love is a collection inspired by... love! Here you will find unique decorations related to closeness and falling in love. The accessories include minimalist graphics associated with passion, romantic floral motifs or classic hearts. The collection also includes French landscapes with the Eiffel Tower in the background and portraits of people falling in love with each other. Nature and animal lovers will also find something for themselves here. After all, love is a universal feeling that does not only apply to people. Check out the Full Of Love collection and bring love into your home!

trend House Dressed in Autumn

House Dressed in Autumn

House Dressed in Autumn is a collection featuring decorations in magical autumn colours. This is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in your home, where you can feel the last rays of autumn sunshine or the morning mist. Here you will find above all wall decorations with floral and plant motifs, which are kept in timeless, universal and natural earthy colours. They will work well in both classic and modern settings. Choose your favourite pattern and bring a unique autumn atmosphere to your interior with bimago!

Top Trends

When arranging interiors, you should rely on your taste and preferences. After all, the most important thing is to feel good and safe in your home or office space. At the same time, current interior design trends can be an inspiration worth exploring, especially if you are considering furnishing the most representative rooms in your home. Thanks to our proposals, you will see that creating a fashionable, stylish arrangement that will attract the attention of household members and guests is simple! You can do a minor renovation or other complex and time-consuming procedures in the rooms to adjust to current design trends. It is enough to introduce a new colour in the form of unusual wall decoration. At bimago, we offer images, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, and screens inspired by the latest trends, which will help you quickly achieve the arrangement of your dreams. We encourage you to check them out!

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Latest Trends

Among the latest trends, there could not be a lack of proposals inspired by nature. One of them is an arrangement that shows the beauty of the awakening spring nature. Among the wall decorations maintained in this climate, you will find floral compositions, a motif of sunflowers in a vase, referring to van Gogh's works or landscapes with a meadow. Another idea for a natural arrangement is decorations that fit the go-green trend. This trend focuses primarily on using raw materials and a large amount of light in the interiors and eagerly draws from a rich palette of green shades. You can also create a nature-inspired arrangement with wall decorations maintained in the autumn climate. Images and photo wallpapers presenting elegant, beautifully shaped leaves or misty forest landscapes will allow you to create a bit of this season in your rooms. By browsing our collections, you will see how diverse the nature surrounding us can be!

Interior Design Trends

Current interior design trends include fashionable, unconventional styles. Among the current tendencies, attention should be paid to the Japandi style arrangement, combining Japanese and Scandinavian techniques. Wall decorations inspired by it are characterised by delicacy, simplicity of form, and muted pleasant colours. They will certainly meet the expectations of those who dream of rooms full of order and harmony! An interesting example of combining two styles is the scandi boho style which combines elements of Scandinavian and boho styles. Decorations in the scandi boho style are mainly delicate geometric and floral motifs maintained in white, brown, and grey shades. In turn, we propose images, wallpapers, and posters in the Art Deco style for those who dream of exquisite, eye-catching decoration. Art Deco arrangement focuses on many stylish decorations, luxury materials, shiny accessories, and a variety of textures and materials.

Current Trends in Interior Design

Finally, a proposal for those who care about practical interior design, in which there will be a place for a corner dedicated to work or study. Our ideas for a home office include subtle posters with plant motifs, abstractions, and inscriptions, as well as decorative screens that allow you to quickly and easily divide the room into zones without the need for renovations. Our proposals will help you create a fashionable space and adapt to your needs and preferences. Remember that you do not have to follow current trends blindly. Our recommendations encourage you to search for your interior design solutions. It is also worth unleashing your imagination and combining individual trends, discovering new possibilities in room arrangements.