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Marine motifs, due to their color scheme, introduce peace and harmony to a home interior. Nautical canvas prints are dominated by the shades of blue, ships and shells, which bring to mind carefree holiday moments. Marine theme canvas prints will be perfect not only for those who love marine expeditions. That is the perfect way to give some lightness to an interior. At bimago you will also find marine paintings with ships, endless sea or with coastal towns. Find the perfect marine canvas print for you at bimago.

Marine prints for the wall of a living room, office or bedroom

Marine paintings, i.e. paintings depicting a seaside landscape and everything connected with the sea, are a classic decoration of walls in a flat or office. Due to their subject matter, colours and mood, they bring calm and harmony to the interior. Therefore, they will be perfect both in the living room and the bedroom, i.e., where we rest every day. Paintings with the sea in the office will, in turn, promote concentration at work. The colour associated with this theme is blue and all its shades: blue, turquoise and navy blue. A print with the sea should be complemented with other nautical accessories - for example, ornaments made of rope, models of sailing ships or ships in a bottle.

Maritime artwork: hand-painted and printed

In the bimago shop, customers can choose from marine prints - those hand-painted or printed on high-quality canvas. The modern canvas prints will look great in contemporary interiors. Paintings hand-painted by a painter, with visible brushstrokes, will look good in classic spaces. Blue and azure colours will look great in interiors decorated in dark and light colours. The beach, sea and ship motifs will be a great addition to a room decorated in maritime style.

Marine motifs in prints on canvas

The sea as an inspiration for painters has always been present in art. Maritime themes were popular in the past and are also used by contemporary artists. Some of the most famous painters creating paintings with a naval theme were Ludolf Backhuysen, James Edward Buttersworth, the Impressionist Francisco Gimeno Arasa and the Pole Michał Antoni Leszczyński. In the bimago collection, one can see closer and further inspiration from the paintings of these artists. Enthusiasts of landscapes can choose realistic photographs of rough seas, sandy coasts, dunes and cliffs. We recommend minimalist canvas prints inspired by maritime themes for those looking for original decoration. Great colours will enrich the interior and give it a pleasant look.