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Painting by numbers giraffe features everything we love about those extraordinary animals. A playful look, ears like radars, yellow fur and dark brown spots on the long and slender neck are its hallmarks. Take a good look at it before you move on - at her slender neck dotted with all the colours of savannah! See how she cuts her ears in a fun way, proudly displaying her original charm. If you can't take your eyes off, visit the collection of paintings by numbers at bimago and create your own painting of a mighty giraffe.

Paint by Numbers Giraffe

Our planet thrives with virtually millions of species of various animals. Bimago's painting by numbers animals collection perfectly reflects this fact. Ranging from the humble, grey rabbit to peacocks exploding with color, you will easily find the ideal wall decor. Regarding rabbits, remember that painting is ART. You can portray the critters in an effusion of colors! Add a couple of vibrant easter eggs and you can introduce fresh, new, positive energy to any interior by simply popping a long-eared, fluffy bunny on the wall! A brilliant present for kids. A paint by numbers dinosaur kit from our collection will put a smile on every kiddo's face out there- that’s guaranteed. Especially during those dull, autumn evenings when there are no outdoor activities in sight, a vivid paint by numbers kit is the way to go when fighting boredom. For the little princesses we have a vast collection of fairy-tale ponies, kittens, bears, unicorns and many, many more! As easy as a paint by numbers rabbit kit is to paint, it can also play a crucial factor in children's development. It builds their patience and perfects their manual skills. Moreover, it implants the motivation to undertake complex, lengthy tasks in the future. And finally - the satisfaction when they look at the complete painting. You can't put a price on that.

Highland Cow Paint by Numbers

The peacock is probably the most impressive bird known to man. When they present their tail (or “train” to be exact) nobody can walk by indifferently. 1.5 meters long and bedecked with eyespots unique to this species, the peacock tail is a world-known symbol of grace and beauty. Rabbits and peacocks aside, our website flourishes with all sorts of animal art. A zebra paint by numbers kit will be a great choice for modern households and commercial spaces where you want to limit the number of colors in the interior. Make no mistake, you can always choose an abstract, colorful image of a zebra and do the opposite! Our pet paint by numbers series will make the ultimate gift for those who simply cannot live without a dog or a cat by their side. Or both. Or goldfish. Or any other beloved critter. The horse lovers will also find an enormous choice of art that they can create themselves!