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Turn your own four corners into an oasis of relaxation by dressing your walls with flower murals. Subtle dandelions, elegant magnolias or poppies, captivating in their simplicity, will fit into any style - they will enliven a classic arrangement, break the austerity of industrial interiors and emphasize the finesse of rooms kept in shabby chic aesthetics. In our floral murals collection, you will find graceful meadow motifs, intriguing 3D flower murals and magnificent floral buds, bringing fresh air into your home any time of the year.

Large flower wall mural

Bimago's unparalleled collection of flower wall murals is one that can't be found anywhere else on this planet. And thanks to this planet, our Earth, we have an almost unlimited variety of gorgeous flowers to choose from when it comes to enriching our living quarters with wall decor. Our experienced interior designers constantly keep up with the current trends. With over 400 plant wall murals to choose from, depending on the style in which you set up your living space, you will easily find the perfect one. And you really don't have to be some kind of florist to appreciate the sheer beauty that emanates from our large flower wall murals. When you look at a rainbow, it has 7 basic colours. A spring meadow can have ten times that. And now consider all of those flowers blooming out there in the world. With a flower mural you can perfectly match the colour dyes of the decor with your interiors.


Plant wall mural

For a flower to exist, there always has to be a parenting plant. In some situations, the plant itself better fits an interior than its blooming parts. When considering interiors where a dominant motif like a colourful flower is not the best choice, here at bimago you will find countless floral wall murals depicting leaves, trees, grasslands, jungles and many more.Abstract floral murals and painted flower wall murals are especially suitable for commercial spaces where the comfort of the customer is of the upmost importance. Not only restaurants, hotels, recreation spas or beauty salons but also the humble waiting rooms which can be found in numerous brands of business. Our company flourishes in the wall mural business so we bring you a mind-blowing product. The 3D flower mural. You can almost plunge into those images. Flowers, meadows, jungles, leaves are not the only 3D wall decor that bimago provides. Many of the over 3000 designs on our website are available in the 3D option. Just browse, order and turn your home into a thriving garden.

Wall Mural for Bedroom Flowers

Incorporating flowers into your decor introduces a spectrum of colors, instantly revitalizing any space with their natural beauty. A well-chosen floral motif can serve as a stunning focal point, harmoniously blending with or transforming a room's aesthetic. The bedroom, a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, benefits greatly from the serene influence of floral designs. We recommend wall murals featuring white flowers and designs in soft, pastel hues, such as those with delicate butterfly motifs, for creating a tranquil bedroom environment. Bimago's collection includes an array of choices, from tulips and magnolias to wildflowers in gentle color palettes. For more dynamic spaces like the living room or kitchen, murals with bold poppies in vivid reds or deep purple orchids add a contemporary flair. Beyond residential spaces, our floral wall murals are also ideal for enhancing commercial interiors, such as beauty or hair salons, with orchids and magnolias offering a touch of elegance, while tulip-themed murals lend sophistication to service areas.

Wallpaper Blue Flowers

The diversity of floral wall murals extends to a broad spectrum of shades and colors, ensuring there's a design to complement any interior style. Blue floral murals, embodying tranquility and softness, are particularly suited for classic decor, making them perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms where a calm atmosphere is desired. Turquoise floral murals, on the other hand, provide a striking visual impact, making them excellent choices for living rooms, hallways, or offices. Our selection also features navy blue floral patterns that exude elegance, ideally paired with white furniture and light decor to highlight their sophisticated charm.

Blue flowers in wall murals can vary from subtle, minimalist accents to dominant features within a design. Explore our collection to discover how different shades of blue are utilized to craft stylish and contemporary floral wall murals, offering a range of options to suit your decorating vision.

Flower wall murals

If you love floral patterns, this collection will definitely appeal to you. In the subcategories of Flower Wall Murals, you'll surely find your favourite type of flowers. These decorations are made of non-woven material, making them incredibly flexible and durable. Each of the designs is available in seven dimensions, so you can easily arrange them in any interior. We invite you to explore the Flower Wall Murals collection, where you can find wonderful decorations for your home, beauty salon, or office. Flowers will bring a breath of fresh air, and pastel colours will brighten up every room. Flower wall murals will also be a striking addition to a child's room. Floral motifs are the perfect wall murals for girls or babies.

Flower mural with your favourite motif

The Flower Wall Murals collection offers a variety of decorations. Not only in terms of colour or style but also the types of flowers you can find on the murals. Lovers of natural, field plants will find floral wall murals with poppies, dandelions, daisies, and flowered meadows. Exceptional compositions will introduce a spring atmosphere to the room, filling it with delicate and charming colours. Among the floral wall murals, there are also lavender fields and blooming lavender flowers. Such decoration can be perfectly incorporated into an interior in the Provencal style. Meanwhile, fans of exotic and elegant stylings should take an interest in orchid wall murals. Orchids in various colours look captivating in larger format pictures. A flower mural in purple, pink, or blue on a white background will look great in interiors styled in glamour or New York style.

Among the floral wall murals, there are also roses and tulips. If you love expressive colours on wall decorations, then these patterns will surely appeal to you. It's worth remembering that floral wall murals are perfectly suited for various interiors, both residential and public.