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The world of plants and animals constantly fascinates and amazes. It is a universal and often chosen motif for wall decorations. In bimago's offer there is a wide range of unique prints with animals that will look great in absolutely any space. Exotic animals will emphasize interiors in colonial and oriental style, and dignified birds will bring lightness and a hint of romance to the interior. A bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, hall, office or teenager's room is the perfect place for prints with animals.

Animal Paintings

There are many ways to introduce nature to your interiors. One of the most popular motifs is the one with animals in all shapes and colours. Most people associate animal art with kids' bedrooms, but in fact, such a theme can be a real masterpiece that will adorn your living room, bedroom, office or any other interior in your house. Our bimago collection is rich in various motifs that will allow everyone to find the perfect animal wall art for their space. No matter what style you prefer, as there are perfect species for all of them. Monkeys and giraffes will look great in ethnic spaces, exotic birds will introduce some Oriental vibe into every room, while deer is a great addition to Scandinavian and boho designs. You can easily match animal paintings to every interior style, even to contemporary and minimalistic interiors. It's all just a matter of imagination and good taste to match a piece of animal art to your house or flat.

Animal Portraits

Why is it worth choosing animal canvas prints for your interiors? There are a few reasons to go for such decorations. They might introduce a certain vibe to the space that you would not be able to achieve with any other type of print. Moreover, animals can put anyone in a good mood. If you decorate your house with animal art it's almost certain that the space will gain a positive atmosphere. You will always want to come back home after a long hard day. Animal portraits are also just perfect to express your love for our fur friends. If you have your favourite pet or love to help at animal shelters, you can express your enthusiasm in yet another way - through wall decorations. There are numerous reasons to choose paintings and prints with the motif of animals. If you are still hesitant about whether such a decoration would suit your house, just check the bimago collection and find a portrait that will delight you and your family. We are certain that you will not stop at just one.

Animal Wall Art

In the bimago collection of animal paintings, there is a work of art for everybody. No matter what interior design style you prefer or which one of the animals is your favourite. In this category, you will find the perfect wall decoration for every space in your house or flat. Use giraffes and elephants to recreate the safari vibe in your house or hang a portrait of monkeys or pandas to give the space some exotic atmosphere. Every animal has something unique about them that you can now use in designing your interior. Wolves are associated with wilderness, but also loyalty, intelligence, family ties, and wild horses bring strength, freedom and stateliness to mind. In this collection, you will also find more domestic animals like cats and dogs to decorate your office, living room or bedroom. Choose an animal that will suit your taste and the style of your home space and create a unique decoration that will surprise your family and friends that will come to visit.

Colourful Animal Prints

Everyone can enjoy animal prints in their homes because our collection is diversified and rich in various pieces of art. You can choose colourful animal prints in stimulating vibrant shades or go for more neutral options, like black and white decorations or the ones in the earth colours of brown, orange and beige. You can choose every decoration in a suitable size, so no matter if you need to decorate an open-space living room or a little kid's bedroom, you will find something just perfect. Animal portraits that we offer are available in the form of canvas prints or Premium canvas prints, while some can be ordered as decorative acoustic panels. The choice is yours. If you need more than one decoration, you can easily create a whole gallery by combining various prints together or choosing one, multipart canvas print. Such options work best in large spaces above a sofa or bed, as they will become the central point of the whole room, catching the attention of every guest in your house.