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Wall Murals For Living Room




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A stylish living room is always something you want to show off. With wall murals for the living room from the bimago collection, you will get the living room of your dreams - no matter what style you like. In the collection of wall murals for the living room, you will find 3D patterns, flowers, abstractions and many other motifs. In a beautifully decorated living room with wall murals, you will relax well and have a lovely time with friends. What can you do to make the decoration trendy yet challenging and never dull? Discover living room wall murals at bimago!

Living Room Wall Murals

Living room wall murals for the living room are one of the most effective ways to give a dreary living room a new expression using only a small amount of effort and resources. All you need is one of our new wall murals for living room for the living room, a few subtle additions, the right lighting, and you can enjoy a tasteful arrangement like from the catalog. Regardless of the style in which the living room is to be decorated, it is good that its decor is representative - elegant mural wallpaper for living room for the living room will help in that. Minimalist patterns and colors will work well, although for lovers of stronger accents more expressive patterns will be a good choice. Elegance does not have to mean only wallpaper in the living room in the style of glamour or gold wallpaper in the living room. Equally, good will be classic black and white motifs, imitation boards or concrete or pastel, geometric pattern.


Mural Wallpaper For Living Room

There are so many styles reigning in interior design nowadays that it is quite easy to make your home decorated according to the trends without having to focus on a particular theme. This principle also applies to what the appearance of the walls should be. In the living room, as in any other room in the house, it is important that wall decorations are consistent with the decor of the entire interior, emphasize its strengths, and by attracting the eye, divert attention from those weaker sides.

A properly chosen living room murals and wallpapers are enough to make a living room simply more beautiful. It will allow you to optically enlarge the room, brighten it and make the irregularities on the walls will not be visible. A big advantage of a mural wallpaper to the living room is the ease of installation. You do not have to decide on it at the time of finishing the apartment, as for structural plaster or decorative brick. The living room wall murals application on the wall is clean, simple and fast. In the offer of the online store bimago there are fashionable murals for the living room in many patterns and two versions - fiseline and self-adhesive.

3D Wall Murals for the Living Room

If you own a small living room, it's worth exploring a few solutions to visually expand your space. A decorative 3D wall mural in the living room is an ideal solution for a successful transformation of a compact interior. An unconventional design in a large format will give your space an entirely new dimension. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect wall mural for your living room: A narrow or irregularly shaped living room may seem less cozy. A 3D wall mural can change the perception of space, directing the focus to one wall, making the interior more attractive. Light colors not only brighten the space but also create the illusion of a larger size. The same effect applies to light, muted colors. To ensure that 3D wall murals fulfill their purpose, choose patterns in soft hues. For those who appreciate beautiful landscapes, a mural featuring a landscape will make your living room unique. Additionally, a design with a depth effect will visually add extra square footage to your room. The living room is an ideal space for wall murals with bold 3D patterns, where the illusion itself becomes a decorative motif. Placing such a decoration near the seating area will captivate your attention. Among the available wall mural patterns for the living room, there's a variety of designs imitating finishing materials. If you've always dreamed of a stone or brick wall, you can easily fulfill that dream with non-woven wall murals. This design features a depth effect, allowing you to visually enlarge the room. Panoramic cityscapes are unique 3D wall mural motifs. Urban landscapes and the most beautiful pictures of New York, Paris, or London will not only add a touch of urban chic but also make your living room appear more spacious.

Wall Murals in the Living Room - Design Ideas for Your Space

In contemporary homes, the living room often serves multiple functions – it's connected to the kitchen, dining area, and sometimes even a home office. To organize this space, using decorations and furniture to separate individual parts of the room is advisable. Placing a wall mural in the living room, for example, near the dining table, can elegantly accentuate the division of space. Geometric patterns or modern 3D wall murals in light colors are also suitable as a background for a wall with a TV and a wall unit. A mural on one of the living room walls will create an incredibly modern effect. You can pair it with walls of a similar color or opt for a bold arrangement using contrasting hues. Wall murals for the living room with a stone-like design or an elegant marble texture will lend the room a sophisticated character. Numerous patterns available in stores perfectly fit into such compositions. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to arrange and use wall murals in the living room. Considering the vast variety of patterns and motifs, creating an interesting interior with a wall mural is not a problem.

Modern Wall Murals for the Living Room - Current Trends

Wall decoration trends offer many inspirations – on one hand, there are motifs related to nature and natural materials like concrete or marble, and on the other, there are decorations playfully referencing classical art and art deco. The color of the year 2023 according to Pantone is magenta - a sensual shade of red. Meanwhile, Pantone's color for 2024 is a delicate orange. As evident, warm colors have dominated the most fashionable trends in recent years. How can we easily transform our interior in line with the latest trends? Fashionable colors can be placed on wall murals, and one vivid color can be featured on pillows, vases, or posters. Wall mural patterns with floral motifs in these trendy colors are abundant. Wall murals for the living room should exude elegance, so we recommend combining this color palette with a geometric design that perfectly complements modern, rounded furniture edges.

Non-Woven Wall Murals for the Living Room Mimicking Wood, Stone, or Concrete

Natural materials like stone, wood, or marble look fantastic in interiors. If, however, you don't want to undergo a thorough renovation but desire a small interior lift, we recommend a wall mural imitating the texture of these materials. Wall murals for the living room with a stone-like design or an elegant marble texture will give the room a sophisticated character. Such a mural will make your living room look stylish. Classic inspirations can also be introduced into interiors using abstract patterns in gray or graphite. This wall decoration will look excellent alongside planters and sculptures inspired by this style. Thanks to this solution, you will achieve a coherent and fashionable design for your living room. Wall murals for the living room with such a pattern can decorate one of the walls, e.g., near the fireplace or sofa. This way, you can add depth to your interior. Explore wall murals that easily fit into any interior.

Living Room Wall Murals - Nature-Inspired Decor and Floral Designs

Ecology has also influenced interior design trends. For several seasons now, various interior arrangements have introduced plant motifs in different ways. An interesting complement to this trend can be a wall mural with flowers. This motif is incredibly versatile and timeless. Wall murals for the living room with flowers are diverse, ranging from patterns inspired by vintage-style wallpapers to modern collages and artistic compositions. In more spacious rooms, you can place extraordinary photos of flowers in close-up. A large picture on the wall will not overwhelm the interior arrangement but will allow for the introduction of interesting colors. Flowers on living room wall murals can also take the form of modern collages. In combination with geometric shapes or other motifs, they allow you to create a trendy, eclectic style in the interior. Nature enthusiasts will also find wall mural patterns for the living room that showcase beautiful, picturesque landscapes, flowery meadows, lavender fields, or exotic plant life in vibrant green and beautiful colors. It's a wonderful opportunity for a living room mural to depict flowers in their natural surroundings. The design possibilities with a floral wall mural are virtually limitless. Therefore, opt for a beautiful motif, such as flowers on a living room wall mural.

Living Room Wall Murals with Panoramic Views

If you want to give your interior a modern look, city panoramas or picturesque landscapes are perfect for this purpose. A panorama of Manhattan or a view of the Eiffel Tower on a wall mural will fill your interior with an extraordinary character. Upon entering the living room, the wall mural will remind you of past travels or the most beautiful cities in the world. If you're looking for a living room wall mural with a more unusual view, you can choose picturesque landscapes of Tuscany or Provence. Stylish sun-soaked towns will bring a sunny character to the interior. For the living room, a wall mural can also depict a view of a misty forest or a mountain pass. Beautiful landscapes on a large-scale photograph will enchant you and your guests. Check how you can place various patterns in your space that will show your passion for travel or remind you of your favorite places. Discover living room wall murals with panoramic views of world metropolises or breathtaking landscapes.