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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We would like to ask you to fill in your details carefully. After the goods have been shipped, it is unfortunately no longer possible to modify the invoice data.

2. When buying a product, e.g. a painting, poster, wall mural or wallpaper, select the "I need an invoice with company data" option when providing your shipping address - and enter the appropriate data there.

3. Yes, an invoice for paintings, posters, wall murals or wallpapers at bimago will be available after the order has been shipped. In the automatic e-mail confirmation of shipment you will find the invoice for the purchase - in PDF format.

4. The discount code should be entered in the basket - in the field on the right, under the order summary (mobile version of the website: directly under the order summary). Enter the discount code in the box with the words "Enter the discount code" and then approve it by clicking the "OK" button. After entering the code, we will receive information that the code is correct and the discount has been applied. If an incorrect code is entered, an appropriate message will also be displayed.

5. First, make sure that the discount code has been entered correctly, that there are no extra space pasted next to it and that the code has been approved by clicking the "OK" button. If the entered code has a specified expiry date, please also make sure that your code is within the expiry date. If there is still problem, please contact our Customer Service at tel:+44 208 089 0560 or by e-mail: [email protected]

6. In this situation, please contact our Customer Service and ask what products you want to order (size, technique, whether it's a picture, poster, wall mural, wallpaper, room divider) and in what quantity. We will be happy to see if we can grant you an individual discount.

7. Come check out our newsletter. It is where we inform our customers about current promotions and discounts on our products such as paintings, posters, wall murals and wallpapers. We also invite you to participate in our Bimago + loyalty program. As part of the program, each purchase in the store is awarded with points that can be exchanged for individual discount codes.

8. In order to see the delivery costs of our products, such as paintings on canvas, wall murals, wallpapers or posters, posters in frames and posters from passe-partout, please click here here

9. We start processing the order when the payment is credited. After receiving the payment, we will send you an automatic confirmation by e-mail. The production time depends on the type of product and production technique - all information on this subject can be found here

10. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash on delivery. In our store, each product is made to order, after the entire payment is credited. You can pay for the order by bank transfer, and online: card payment, fast transfer or PayPal.

11. The delivery service selection takes place automatically after placing the order on the website and depends on the type of product and size. Usually, products are shipped via GLS or UPS. On the day of shipment, you will receive an e-mail with the package number and information by which courier the order was sent.

12. On the day of shipment, you will receive an e-mail with the package number and information about the courier. To check the delivery status, just enter the delivery number in the appropriate place on the delivery company's website: GLS (https://gls-group.com/GROUP/en/parcel-tracking) or UPS (https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_GB&requester=ST/).

13. Although they have been known in interior design for years, wallpapers still remain one of the most fashionable decorative elements, and many interior designers use them to base their entire projects. Currently, wallpapers are experiencing a renaissance and a come back thanks to innovative, modern designs that look beautiful in our interiors! Wallpapers are an arrangement solution that is perfect for quick, inexpensive, and at the same time spectacular interior metamorphoses, and the wide selection of available patterns and colors makes it easy to match the wallpaper theme to the selected style, e.g. Scandinavian, boho, vintage, retro or glamour.

14. Our proprietary premium technique consists in manually applying a Spanish acrylic gel to the finished print, which resebles marks of brush. Thanks to it, the canvas gains structure and the whole thing gains a depth effect, reminiscent of an oil painting. The gel applied to the printout has one more advantage: it protects the canvas. Thanks to it, pigments retain their intensity longer and are protected against moisture and UV radiation.

15. Our products are available only in sizes available on our website. For most of them, however, there is a lot to choose from, and some themes are also available in very large sizes (as folded images). When it comes to wall murals - each pattern is available in several size variants, given on the website. Even if the size of your wall is different, it is usually not a problem: just choose a wallpaper or photo wallpaper format slightly larger than the wall you want to cover with the wallpaper - and then, when applying, cut off the excess wall mural on the sides or at the top and bottom. Unfortunately, we do not offer wall murals to the exact given size.

16. Our paintings have a wooden subframe, so they are ready to hang and do not require an additional external frame. To make it easier to hang a painting on the wall, we recommend using mounting accessories (nails and hooks from bimago, which can be purchased directly on the e-shop website, for each painting).

17. We do not print wall mural designs based on photos sent by customers - unfortunately such personalization is not possible.

18. A poster is just another type of utility graphics, printed in large format on a suitable paper. The poster is a visual symbol that transmits a message to us, contained in a surprising, engaging, easy to remember form, affecting not only the senses, but also the intellect. In other words: it is a large-format print in which the graphics play the most important role. At bimago, you can choose a poster, a poster in a frame or a poster in a frame with a passe-partout from among thousands of modern designs.

19. We print posters from our offer in house. However, we do not offer personalized prints - unfortunately, you cannot print a poster of your own design with us.

20. Whenever a change is possible (e.g. a pattern is available in a different colour variant or in several techniques - a printout or a hand-painted image), it is clearly marked on the product page. The other elements cannot be personalized - patterns and configurations are already fixed in advance.

21. The shelf life of the paints from the numbering kits is 6 months from receiving the package.

22. We offer a lot of products, however, we do not make customized patterns based on photos - unfortunately, such personalization is not possible.

23. Each set for painting pictures by numbers includes a picture to be painted, a set of necessary paints, two brushes and instructions.

24. To make the applying process easy, the first line of the wallpaper or the wall mural is best placed on the wall with a level or plumb line - so that the next ones are completely straight and even. We always start wallpapering from the window, i.e. the light source. We connect the wallpaper strips abut - so that the edges of the two strips fit exactly to each other (no shifts or overlapping). Detailed instructions on how to install our wallpapers can be found here on our website , we also attach it to each of our products.

25. In order to make your work easier, mark delicate lines on the wallpaper wall at a distance of 50 cm. They will be the determinant of where the photo wallpaper should be applied. In the first stage, we need to thoroughly coat the first strip marked on the wall with glue. You should remember that the glue is applied directly on the wall, not on the wall paper. Before you touch the wet wall with the strip of your wall mural, make sure where the top and bottom of the pattern is. Then gently roll the wall mural strip and stick it to the wet wall from top to bottom. You can find detailed installation instructions for our wall murals here on our website , we also include it in each of our products.

26. In order to avoid drilling holes in the wall, you can attach the picture to the wall with Velcro or hanging tapes. There is a lot of these products available on the market, offered by various brands, such as Command or Tesa. When choosing it, pay attention to the marking of the permissible image weight. This information and assembly instructions are available on the product and the manufacturer's website.

27. The rough structure of the wall will be visible under the wallpaper or wall mural - therefore it is not recommended to stick them on such a wall. In addition, the uneven surface makes installation difficult and prevents the product from adhering perfectly to the wall. For the best effect, we recommend installing wallpapers and wall murals only on smooth, dust-free, clean and bright walls.

28. We recommend using hooks and nails to mount paintings on the wall. We also recommend using one hook / nail for approx. 40 cm of the width of the painting.

29. It's better to add the "UV printing" option to ordinary printing - to provide your canvas print with additional protection against harmful factors. We also encourage you to purchase the painting in the premium print option: the surface of the product will then be covered with a colorless acrylic gel, thanks to which the pigments will retain their intensity for longer and will be protected against moisture and UV radiation. In the case of hand-made paintings, we recommend the use of a protective varnish (available on our website, as an additional accessory to the product).

30. Hooks are already on the back of every framed or passe-partout poster in our offer. So all you need is a couple of nails to put them on the wall.

31. The best answer to that question would be an adhesive adapted to non-woven wallpapers, Metylan Direct glue, made by Henkel. If you do not wish to buy wallpaper glue separately, we recommend choosing our glue as an accessory when buying wallpaper or wall mural in our store.

32. It's best to start with the central part of the picture, then add parts of the picture to the left and right. It is best to keep a distance of approx. 2 cm between the individual parts of the image - then we will get the best visual effect and the pattern will be properly composed. When arranging individual parts of multi-part pictures, remember that the pattern of the picture should be distributed symmetrically both horizontally and vertically. Now, in order to make your work easier, we recommend drawing the properly arranged parts of the image on paper and marking the places where the nails should be located - and then transfer the template to the wall.

33. You must add glue once for each item purchased. The bimago system will automatically calculate the required amount of glue based on the size of the selected photo wallpaper.

34. Our company does not provide assembly services, so we do not have our own price list. However, when it comes to the prices of installing a wall murals by professionals, they can be significantly different depending on where you live in.

35. Our paintings on canvas do not need an additional external frame - each canvas is stretched on a wooden subframe, to which you just need to attach a hook. If necessary, you can frame the picture in an additional external frame - which you can easily find on the market.

36. Our paintings consist of canvas stretched on a wooden subframe. Such a product is ready to hang, so it does not need an additional frame.

37. Our paintings consist of canvas stretched on a wooden subframe. Such a product is ready to hang, so it does not need an additional frame.

38. All you need to do is place our posters in a selected frame or in a passe-partout frame and hang the finished picture on the wall, on a nail or a hook. However, if you do not want to make a hole in the wall, the poster (with or without a frame) can also be hung using generally available fixing accessories, such as self-adhesive Velcro or hooks (e.g. from Tesa). They have the advantage that they are non-invasive, do not damage the wall, and often have an additional adjustment, thanks to which pictures or posters can be hung at a different or equal height (if sticking does not come out perfectly even). There are also self-adhesive plasters on the market (e.g. Tesa brands) - ideal for attaching, for example, a calendar or a gallery of posters in a living room, bedroom, dining room, study, office, corridor, hall, living room or children's room.

39. We clean the paintings on the canvas with a clean, soft, slightly wet cloth. We do not recommend using any detergents for this purpose - they can irreversibly damage the fabric.

40. Pictures will look best in the center of the wall and basically, they should be narrower than the piece of furniture they are hanging over them. It is best to hang the painting on canvas about 20-30 cm above the furniture - or at the eye level.

41. We recommend that you buy a wall mural together with our bimago glue, available as an accessory. If, on the other hand, you decide to purchase glue elsewhere, please choose the type that is dedicated to non-woven wallpapers, such as Henkel's Metylan Direct.

42. The problem may not be the wallpaper application itself, but the ubiquitous water and humidity. They will certainly contribute to the fact that the wallpaper will deteriorate and peel off the tiles. Our products, such as wallpapers and wall murals, are intended only for use in rooms with medium and low humidity, such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen, corridor, hall, living room, children's room, or office.

43. The drying process of the wallpaper (more precisely: wallpaper glue) consists in the evaporation of water. Normally it takes 24 hours, in extreme cases up to 72 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity of the room. The optimal conditions for drying the wallpaper are a constant temperature between 18 ° C and 25 ° C.

44. Before installing the product, you should prepare all the necessary equipment like a brush for applying glue, a sharp knife, a clean cloth, a vessel for mixing the glue and a roller for pressing a wall mural (an ATM card will also work well for this purpose). After cutting the product into strips, we glue one strip next to the other (butt, not overlapping). The belts are numbered and marked with arrows that indicate the direction of installation. We stick the photo wallpaper, starting from the top, move evenly towards the floor, constantly pressing the photo wallpaper against the wall with a roller. When gluing wall murals, you should also remember about the need to remove excess glue on a regular basis. We do it with a clean and slightly wet cloth. Important! The glue is applied directly on the wall, not on the wall paper. You can find detailed installation instructions for our wall murals on our website , we also attach it to each of our products.

45. When buying wallpaper glue together with a wall mural, as an accessory on our website, it is enough to simply add the glue to the basket once. We will do the math and send the appropriate amount of glue - adapted to the selected size of the photo wallpaper. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy the glue elsewhere (eg in a DIY store or a specialist store), please read the instructions attached to the purchased glue - there will be given the exact glue capacity per m² of wallpaper.

45. Non-woven wallpaper is moderately resistant to moisture and scrubbing. You can wipe it with a wet cloth, but do not soak for too long.

46. Our offer does not include vinyl wallpapers, but there are non-woven wallpapers (for which we also offer glue) and self-adhesive wallpapers (not requiring the use of glue).

47. We recommend that you remove any old wall murals or wallpapers before painting the walls. If the wall mural or wallpaper does not want to peel off, you can make your work easier with a special wallpaper removal agent. After this treatment, the wall surface must be washed and primed.

48. Due to the fact that bimago specializes in online sales operating globally, we do not provide dedicated assembly services. The application of our wallpapers and wall murals is quite simple - the installation can be of course performed by a professional, but doing it on your own won't be a hassle. If the wall is prepared and we have all the necessary tools, the assembly will go smoothly and quickly. Each wallpaper comes with an assembly manual, and you can find a lot of tips and instructions on how to fix canvas, framed posters or wallpaper on our website and blog. We can assume that sticking 10-15 m² of wallpaper and protecting the room against dirt, measuring the wallpaper according to the design, gluing and cleaning the workplace takes about 2 hours. You can also choose a wallpaper or a self-adhesive wall mural on bimago shop, the installation of which is quick and easy.