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Discounts and sales

Where Do I Enter the Discount Code?

Input your discount code in the basket area, located on the right under the order summary (or directly under the order summary on mobile devices). Simply type your code into the box labeled "Enter the discount code" and hit "OK" to apply. You'll receive immediate confirmation if the code is valid and the discount has been applied. If the code is incorrect, a notification will be displayed.

What If My Discount Code Doesn't Work?

First, double-check the code for accuracy and ensure no extra spaces have been included. Also, verify that you've clicked "OK" after entering the code. If your code has an expiration date, make sure it's still valid. Should issues persist, please contact our Customer Service at tel:+44 208 089 0560 or email [email protected].

Are There Discounts for Multiple Product Orders?

For bulk orders, please reach out to our Customer Service with details about the products you're interested in (size, technique, type of item, quantity). We're more than happy to discuss potential individual discounts.

How Can I Get a Discount Coupon?

Stay updated with our newsletter, where we announce current promotions and discounts on items like paintings, posters, wall murals, and wallpapers. We also invite you to join our Bimago+ loyalty program, where each purchase earns points redeemable for individual discount codes.

Instructions / Tips

Applying Wallpapers and Wall Murals:

For an effortless application, start with the first strip using a level or plumb line to ensure subsequent strips are aligned perfectly. Begin near a window and align the edges of the strips precisely (without overlapping). You'll find detailed installation instructions on our website , and we include them with each product.

Hanging Pictures without Drilling:

To avoid drilling, consider using Velcro or hanging tapes, available from brands like Command or Tesa. Pay attention to the product's weight limit, which is typically listed on the packaging and the manufacturer's website.

Wallpaper on Rough Textured Walls:

We advise against applying wallpaper or wall murals on rough textured walls due to visibility of the texture underneath and potential adhesion issues. For optimal results, apply only to smooth, clean, and dry walls.

Hanging Pictures:

We recommend using hooks and nails for mounting paintings, with one hook/nail for every 40 cm of painting width.

Protecting Canvas Paintings:

Opt for "UV printing" for additional protection against environmental damage. Our premium print option includes a protective acrylic gel coating for enhanced durability and color preservation. For hand-painted pieces, consider a protective varnish (available as an additional accessory).

Hanging Posters:

Each framed or passe-partout poster comes with hooks on the back. Simply use a few nails to mount them on the wall.

Choosing the Right Glue for Wallpapers/Wall Murals:

We recommend Metylan Direct glue by Henkel for non-woven wallpapers. Alternatively, select our glue as an accessory when purchasing wallpaper or wall murals from our store.

Hanging Multi-part Images:

Start with the central piece, maintaining a 2 cm gap between sections for a cohesive look. For ease, sketch the arrangement on paper, mark nail placements, then transfer the layout to the wall.

Purchasing Glue:

Add one pouch of glue per item to your cart. Our system automatically calculates the required amount based on the size of your selected photo wallpaper.

Wall Mural Installation Cost:

We do not offer installation services, and costs can vary by location. For professional installation, prices may differ significantly.

Framing Paintings:

Our paintings on canvas do not need an additional external frame - each canvas is stretched on a wooden subframe, to which you just need to attach a hook. If necessary, you can frame the picture in an additional external frame - which you can easily find on the market.

Sticking Posters to the Wall:

Our posters can be placed in a selected frame or passe-partout and hung directly. For a non-invasive option, consider self-adhesive Velcro or hooks from brands like Tesa.

Cleaning Canvas Paintings:

Use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid detergents to prevent damage.

Hanging Pictures: How To?

Pictures make the most impact when centered on the wall, ideally narrower than the furniture below them. For the best visual balance, hang canvas paintings about 8-12 inches above the furniture or at eye level.

Tablecloth Sizing: What's Ideal?

The perfect tablecloth overhang is about 8-10 inches. For decorative benches and tables where you don't want to hide leg details, a shorter overhang of 4-6 inches works well. Depending on your interior style, a floor-length tablecloth can also be a stunning choice.

Choosing the Right Glue for Wall Murals:

We recommend pairing your wall mural with our specially formulated bimago glue for optimal adherence. If you opt for glue from another source, select one designed for non-woven wallpapers, like Henkel's Metylan Direct.

Will Wallpaper Adhere to Tiles?

Water and humidity can cause wallpaper to deteriorate and detach from tiles. Our wallpapers and wall murals are best suited for environments with low to medium humidity, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.

Wallpaper Drying Time:

Wallpaper glue typically dries within 24 hours, though it can take up to 72 hours in conditions of high humidity or low temperature. For best results, maintain a room temperature between 64°F and 77°F.

Applying a Wall Mural:

Prepare your tools: a glue brush, sharp knife, clean cloth, glue mixing vessel, and a roller (or an ATM card in a pinch). Apply glue to the wall (not the paper), align the strips edge to edge without overlapping, and press firmly. Excess glue should be wiped away with a damp cloth. Detailed instructions are available on our website , and included with each product.

How Much Glue Will I Need?

Adding one pouch of glue per item to your cart is sufficient; we'll calculate the necessary amount based on your wallpaper's dimensions. If purchasing glue separately, refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for coverage.

Is Non-Woven Wallpaper Washable?

Yes, but with moderation. Non-woven wallpaper can withstand light moisture and gentle scrubbing. Avoid prolonged soaking.

Applying Glue to Vinyl Wallpapers:

While we don't offer vinyl wallpapers, our non-woven and self-adhesive options do not require additional glue.

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

For best results, remove any existing wall murals or wallpapers before painting. If removal is challenging, a wallpaper stripping solution can help. Clean and prime the wall afterward.

Curtain Lengths: Floor-Length or Not?

Curtains can either just touch the floor or pool slightly for a luxurious feel. Standard lengths include just below the window sill, to the sill, or to the floor, with a 8-12 inch overhang from the curtain rod for a classic look.

Do You Offer Installation Services?

As bimago focuses on online sales worldwide, we do not provide installation services. However, our wallpapers and wall murals are designed for easy DIY installation. Comprehensive guides and tips are available on our website and blog. Typically, installing 10-15 m² of wallpaper takes about 2 hours. For a simpler option, consider our self-adhesive wall murals.

Lead time / delivery

Can I Pay Cash on Delivery?

We do not offer cash on delivery as a payment option. Since each product in our store is custom-made upon order, full payment is required before production begins. You can conveniently pay for your order via bank transfer, credit/debit card, instant transfer, or PayPal.

Who Will Deliver My Order?

Your order's delivery service is automatically selected based on the product type and size once you place your order. We typically ship products through GLS or UPS. On the shipment day, you'll receive an email with your package's tracking number and the courier's details.

How Can I Track My Shipment?

You'll be provided with a tracking number and courier information via email on the day your order is shipped. To monitor your shipment's progress, simply enter the tracking number on the courier's tracking page: GLS ( or UPS (

Placing order

Can I Modify the Invoice Data After My Order Has Shipped?

Please ensure you enter your details accurately when placing your order. Unfortunately, once the goods have been shipped, we are unable to make changes to the invoice data.

How Do I Provide Invoice Data?

During the purchase process, whether you're buying a painting, poster, wall mural, or wallpaper, you'll see an option labeled "I need an invoice with company data" in the shipping address section. Please select this option and input the required data accordingly.

Do You Issue Invoices?

Absolutely. After your order has shipped, we will provide an invoice for your purchase. You'll receive an automatic email confirmation of shipment, which will include a PDF invoice for your records.

Product offer

Are Wallpapers Making a Comeback?

Yes, wallpapers have made a significant comeback! Known for years in interior design, wallpapers remain a top choice among designers for their versatility and style. Thanks to modern, innovative designs, wallpapers are perfect for quick, cost-effective, and stunning room transformations. With a vast array of patterns and colors, it's easy to find a wallpaper that complements any interior style, from Scandinavian and boho to vintage, retro, or glamour.

What Is a Premium Print?

Our exclusive premium print technique involves manually applying a Spanish acrylic gel over the print, creating brush-like textures. This process not only gives the canvas a structured, oil painting-like appearance but also adds depth. Additionally, the gel protects the canvas, ensuring the pigments remain vibrant and safeguarded against moisture and UV damage.

Custom Sizes for Wall Murals and Paintings?

We offer a wide selection of sizes as listed on our website, including some themes in very large formats. For wall murals, choose a size slightly larger than your wall to easily trim any excess. Currently, we do not provide custom-sized wall murals.

Are the Paintings Ready to Hang?

Yes, our paintings come with a wooden subframe, ready to hang without the need for an external frame. For easy mounting, we recommend using our nails and hooks available for purchase.

Personalized Wall Murals from Your Photos?

We do not offer wall murals based on customer-provided photos and cannot accommodate such personalization.

What Is a Poster?

A poster is a large-format print that combines utility graphics and impactful visual design to convey messages in an engaging and memorable way. Bimago offers a vast selection of posters, framed posters, and passe-partout framed posters in modern designs.

Printing Your Own Poster Designs?

We specialize in printing our in-house designs and do not offer printing services for personal designs.

What Type of Closure Do Pillows Have?

Our decorative pillows feature zippers for easy use.

Customizing Paintings?

Any available customization options, such as color variants or techniques, are clearly indicated on the product page. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for custom sizes, configurations, or colors not listed.

Shelf Life of Paints in Painting Kits?

The paints in our paint-by-numbers kits have a shelf life of 6 months from the date of receipt.

Custom Wall Murals or Canvas Prints from Personal Photos?

While we offer a wide range of products, we do not create custom patterns based on personal photos.

What's Included in a Paint-by-Numbers Kit?

Each kit includes the canvas to be painted, a set of necessary paints, two brushes, and instructions for a complete painting experience.