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Arranging the infant’s room is a unique moment for its parents. While furnishing it, it is worth making sure that we take care of filling it with charming accents. Paintings for infant’s room depict mostly fairy tale animals available both in vivid and in more subdued colours. In bimago collection you can also find geometric and minimalistic motifs, which will bring to the interior a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Nursery Wall Art

Decorating a nursery is an important part of preparing for a new child. Although caring for such details might seem unnecessary, as the decor will need to be changed once the little one starts growing up, it's actually essential how the room looks. The environment is vital for the child's development, so your little boy or girl needs to be surrounded with beautiful items and decorations in the right style and colour palette. We, here in bimago, know it very well, and we created a whole collection of marvellous nursery prints. They are perfect as decorations for a child from their very first days of life, as well as for a bit older little ones. The art prints for nursery we offer in our store stimulates the baby's senses, mostly sight, makes the room cosier and simply decorates the whole interior. We know that nursery wall art is not only for the young, but also for the adults. Parents spend so much time in this room that they obviously want it to look nice, and our products can help them with that.

Animal Prints For Nursery

One of the most popular motifs for nurseries are adorable animals. They are perfect both for boys and girls and create a pleasant, safe and appealing atmosphere in a room. Animal prints for nursery are suitable for kids of all age groups. They will charm a few-years-old little one and be an interesting stimulus for the infants. Our collection includes a vast array of animals to choose from. Besides classic dinosaur nursery prints, there are cats, bears, racoons, koalas, foxes and many, many more. Whichever style you prefer and whatever fascinates your child, you will find a suitable decoration in our store. Animal prints for nursery look pretty in combination with pastel colours, delicate patterns and neutral tones, which are typical elements of a little one's room. You can hang them above the bed or cradle or in any other place on a wall. Make sure that your baby can see them because such animals pictures for nursery can make them feel safe and secure, which is important for little ones.

Canvas For Nursery

The whole collection of nursery prints is diverse in terms of motifs, but also sizes and forms. We offer decorations in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and besides one-piece, classic products, there are also multipart canvases consisting of three, four, or even five parts. They are perfect for larger rooms and when you don't want to spend time searching more prints for a whole gallery. Our multipart canvases will fill in the space and bring a unique atmosphere to the room. Every canvas for nursery is available in a few sizes. What's more, we enable our customers to choose the type of decoration they want to order. All products are available as canvas prints or Premium prints, while some of them are also sold as decorative acoustic panels, ideal for nurseries because they soundproof the room. You can easily match a few decorations together because they all go well with one another. Mix them and have fun when decorating the nursery for your little one.

Woodland Nursery Prints

All canvases for nurseries that we offer are printed on high-quality materials, they are durable, resilient to damages and other factors, such as sunlight, so you know that they will look marvellous until the time comes to make some renovation for a growing up child. In bimago, you will find decorations with a variety of motifs and patterns because we want every customer to be satisfied. The offer is expanding, so make sure to check what is new in the collection once in a while. Beautiful, retro-inspired woodland nursery prints or minimalistic, simple but charming graphics with animals, mountains and sky - these are just examples of what you can find in the collection. Go through the whole category and pick a nice decoration that would suit you and your baby. Nursery wall art is one of the most important elements of the whole interior, so make sure to choose it right. In bimago store, you can be sure of the quality. See for yourself.