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Circular wall murals are a brand new trend in interior design. Now you can create an original decoration for your home, office or restaurant easily and effectively. At bimago, you will find diverse motifs, colours and styles.Wallpapers in the shape of a circle are extremely durable and easy to install - and they can be adhered to the wall or furniture, as you like! Discover the collection of circular wall murals and create an arrangement that will austound household members and guests!

Circular Wallpaper ideas

Today's wallpapers and murals are becoming more and more unique. This manifests in the wide range of motifs and colors available and the decorations' shape. Those who think wallpaper should only be rectangular or square are in for a big surprise! In the newest bimago collections, you can find round wallpapers, one of the top trends in the world of interior design. Large-format wall decoration in a circle shape will allow you to go beyond boring arrangements and quickly diversify your home or office decor without having to carry out complicated, labor-intensive makeovers. The wall decoration with a well-chosen motif will surely surprise household members and guests. We guarantee that with circular wallpaper, even the most boring, bland room will gain a whole new feel to it!

Round wall stickers - circular wallpaper for your wall

Circular wallpapers come in many colours, forms and tones! The selection of motifs is so large that you are sure to find a wall decoration that suits your taste! Try floral motifs in magnificent compositions that will fill your rooms with freshness and naturalness. Among the geometric wallpapers available at bimago, you will also find themes inspired by the animal world! Alternatively, intriguing abstractions and reliable geometric motifs are perfect for modern arrangements. We also offer joyful designs in delightful colors for youngsters' or teenagers' rooms. Round wallpapers from bimago are not only original and unique but made of the highest quality materials and are universal! Moreover, they are durable and easy to install. For a whole new effect, try applying them to the furniture, too!

Round stickers - inspirations wall murals

Round wall murals are suitable for virtually all rooms - you can successfully decorate your living room, hallway, or kitchen with this attention-catching decor. Round wall murals are also ideal for offices, restaurants, and cafes. They suit various backgrounds - choose a motif that fits the space and enjoy the most original wall decoration! For a modern living room, find a minimalist motif that will work as a centerpiece - a wallpaper with a forest landscape or other nature-inspired pattern will fit perfectly in the environment of the Scandinavian style. For industrial-style interiors, browse our selection of murals imitating natural materials, such as brick or stone. You can always go right with those! Our circular wall murals can decorate an entire wall or just its section. In the latter case, you can blend the decoration into the room's style and visually enlarge your space. However, choosing a suitable motif in terms of color is principal. Round wallpapers, just like other decorations at bimago, are available in several dimensions, so you can easily choose a wall decor that fits your wall. Look at our new circular wallpaper collection and round wall mural collection!