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Are you looking for a graphic or modern poster with a radiant sweet motif that will decorate your walls? Check the bimago collection of posters with the motif of sweets! Posters with sweets include ice cream, candy bars, macaroons and meringue...our eclectic collection certainly has a motif that will be to your liking! Perfect for a kitchen, hall, and especially a child's room, the right poster with sweets is a great way to express your style in an unconventional decoration! Try these posters out in your home or gift them to someone with a sweet tooth.

Sweets Poster Design

Everyone loves them! Sweets are a universal and unusual poster motif. On the bimago website, you will find dozens of sweets poster designs that, thanks to their diversity, will decorate almost any space. Powdered candies or fruit drops in their bright and saturated colours will look great in a teenager’s or child’s room. Happy and colourful candies are an attractive theme for a toddler, who will jump with joy at the sight of dancing lollipops. There are many ways to experiment with the sweets posters. A mixture of pop art, art deco, and sweets will result in an interesting and original composition. A living room designed in a glamorous style is also a perfect setting for this type of decoration. Try it yourself!


Sweets shop Posters

Ice cream is the best companion for hot days and relaxing on the beach. Posters with ice cream will be a smart idea to decorate a living room, ice cream or sweets shop. On hot days, they will cool the atmosphere and encourage you to relax. In addition, thanks to the pastel colours, they add energy and create a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. Chocolate and other sweets posters are really popular in the Bimago collection. It is said that nothing makes you feel better than chocolate. Add a little chocolate touch to your bedroom. Golden and brown colours will fit into retro or glamour spaces. Thanks to realistically reproduced graphics and photos, you will melt away in chocolate dreams. In addition, we recommend combining chocolate posters with other sweets options. An interesting idea will be to use a sweet poster design to arrange a café or ice cream parlour. Nothing stimulates the taste buds as much as the sight of melting chocolate and sweet ice cream enclosed in elegant glasses or crispy wafers.

Sweet posters on the wall of a kitchen, dining room, or café

Thanks to colourful and eye-catching graphics, each room will gain individual character. Sweets poster designs are not only the domain of children. These are unique motifs that will appeal to every seeker of the original style. The love-themed ones seem to be an interesting combination with the series of sweets posters - both with romantic quotes and those depicting roses. Additionally, we recommend combining sweet versions with colourful posters of film stars - Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. They can be in pop art. Our framed sweets will work as the icing on the poster cake. It’s hard not to love such a combination!