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Do we live to eat, or do we eat to live? Eating is a necessity and one of the most wonderful experiences in our lives! If one Madeleine cookie can bring back childhood memories, how many incredible memories can come from appetizing food posters and drink posters? Food and kitchen poster from bimago will show you what means the image of pizza! A recent trip to Rome? A picture of aromatic spices? Memories of exotic vacations in India? Decorate the interior of your kitchen, restaurant or pub with an original decoration which is a food poster!

Food posters

Are you looking for inspirational foods & drinks posters? Then check out what bimago prepared for you! Our pattern designs will while away the time you spend with your family and friends having home-made dinners or sipping coffee in a fancy café. We dedicate our collection of food posters and drink posters to homes with both cosy and modern kitchens as well as stylish restaurants and pubs. You can choose from colourful posters with exotic fruits, art prints with an Italian touch, coffee-inspired pieces and many many more. Just pick the one that will match the atmosphere of your interiors best. You may also put a few pieces together to create a one-of-a-kind composition.


Vintage food posters

Among our foods & drinks posters, you will find a whole collection of exclusive vintage posters. Whether you are looking for something to embellish your pube wall in the kitchen, or if you feel like decorating your dining room in a way that would whet the appetite of your guests, our wide variety of vintage food posters will not let you down! The black-and-white pieces will go well with minimalistic accessories, whereas our warmly coloured wall decorations are suitable for retro interiors and stylish restaurants. You can imagine how pleasant it is to eat delicious meals while being surrounded by posters depicting spices of countless flavours or oriental foods in elegant frames. Our vintage food posters have all the makings of creating that magical atmosphere in a jiffy.

Healthy food posters

Healthy food is very much in vogue! Never before in the long history of humankind did we stand a real chance to know what is good or bad for our bodies. Now we are all well-aware of the power of vitamins and the role they play in our overall wellbeing. Then why not remind us even more often of the fantastic effects of healthy eating? With our collection of healthy food posters, you may fill you home with a whole range of tasty, fresh fruits and vegetables, smell wonderful spices and feel delicious flavours every single day. Our wall decorations will put you in a positive mood the minute you enter your health-inspired home after a long day at work or school. We recommend hanging our posters against brightly coloured walls in your kitchen, dining room or living room. You may even put them in your bedroom if you want to look at your favourite foods right after waking up. Our collection will also look good in modern restaurants and pubs that foster a healthy lifestyle. Your customers will be more than happy to have their favourite meals in such a positive place.