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Do you want to ensure yourself a touch of luxury inside your place? A set of golden posters from the bimago collection includes thoroughly selected, subtle compositions with golden elements. Aphorisms, subtle texts, floral patterns, geometrical figures, illustrations, silhouettes, animal motifs... it's difficult to choose only one, right? That's why we've created the sets of golden posters including two to five elements just for you! Thoroughly matched golden posters will look exquisitely in the interiors decorated in the glamour, avant-garde, retro, Art Deco or rustic styles!

Gold gallery wall frame set

Looking for glamorous and at the same time tasteful wall decor? You have come to the right place. Bimago's gold gallery frames will do just that – introduce a chic interior design feature without disturbing the overall feel of the room. Regardless if it's a cosy household, a busy bar or an elegant restaurant you can rest assured that the room will benefit. When you frame an image with gold it gains a unique feel to it regardless if it's a wide, shiny frame or just a minimalistic, thin framing. Even a sketch made of outlines will get that alluring feel to it with a simple golden frame.

Gold frame photo wall

Bimago's gold picture wall frames are designed in a way that you can decorate your space quickly and easily. The posters are lightweight so they can be mounted on the wall using just mounting strips. This way you can avoid unnecessary holes in your walls and the whole messy process of drilling. Moreover, this feature gives you the freedom to arrange the gallery of posters any way you wish. Align them in a perfect line and introduce an orderly feel to the room or do just the opposite – pop them on your wall in a completely abstract way to give the space a fresh, stylish look. To underline the graphics of your choosing bimago gives you the option of a tasteful passe-partout – a simple but very stylish addition to your wall decor. So, waste no more time, pick the perfect images, make your order and in a few days’ time you will enjoy the process of transforming your interior from dull to intriguing. The posters do not have to be hung on your wall, you can place them on your living room cupboard or even on the floor creating a one-of-a-kind interior design feature. It does not matter how you position a gold frame photo wall from bimago's collection, the delicate sheen of the frame will bring that touch of glamour to your space.