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Are you looking for multiple wall decorations which will relate to one style? Here they are! Sets of posters with a coherent motif from bimago are an ideal solution for those who are looking for accessories for their interior with a coherent and consistent vibe. Multipart sets of posters with a theme of your choice will work out in various rooms, making you feel cosy like never before! Sets of posters offer a wide selection of graphics, which will allow you to match posters to the style of your decor.

Gallery walls themes

Discover bimago’s wall galleries of murals and posters, full of wonderful designs that will satisfy even the most demanding customers! Our galleries will bring a breath of fresh air and transform every space. Bimago offers a wide range of posters and pictures suitable for decorating both small as well as larger interiors. The selection of themes in our offer is simply vast. Just to name a few, we have the drawn from nature theme, designed for lovers of the world of plants and animals, the Scandinavian style for lovers of minimalism and natural colours, the black and white collection, for those who like the retro as well as modern style, the mindfulness and zen collection, for those looking for a way to relax and bring some tranquillity into the interiors, and last but not least, the abstract style - for those who have a unique perspective of things. Our designers made sure that the sets of ready-made posters complement and match each other and, at the same time, are not too similar, so that the composition always arouses interest. The posters in the set don’t have to have to be of the same design to create a well composed gallery. You can successfully combine frames with various patterns on your wall and create a unique, personalised gallery. One way to create a cohesive whole from posters with different themes is to match frames with similar colours or to frame them in identical frames. In our offer you will find among others white, black, silver and gold frames. A set of posters with various designs will be a breath-taking decoration not only in a living room or bedroom, but also the study and kitchen. The latest fashion trend is to decorate the area above the stairs and the hallway with a set of posters. The poster sets are also great for offices, hotels, restaurants and pubs. Find out for yourself how a few well-arranged frames can completely change the look of a room.