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Staircase gallery wall



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Stairs in the house are an integral element of the interior design, so the staircase gallery around them should be considered in a broader context: it defines both, the character of the lower floor and heralds the style of the upstairs interiors. It is worth focusing on decorations that will embellish an empty wall consistently and will look extremely stylish! Staircase gallery wall from bimago are captivating graphic compositions thought out in terms of colours and motifs. They will change the staircase space in a few moments!

Pictures up staircase

A staircase gallery wall from bimago's collection is an awesome and super simple way to introduce some flair to the humble hallway. Depending on its length you can pick the right number of pictures going up the staircase to perfectly fit your personal space. When it comes to wall decor and interior design, size definitely matters. On our website you will find the appropriate sizes of graphics to create your beautiful, intriguing staircase picture wall. Thanks to the abundance of motifs depicted on our wall decor you will undoubtedly find the ideal staircase photo wall ideas to fit your style. The form of a gallery gives you something priceless. Freedom. The freedom to place them exactly where you wish, the freedom to freestyle – mix different shapes and sizes. And the freedom doesn't end there. You can choose to display your art with or without a tasteful passe-partout. You can choose different types of framing to give your staircase photo wall a diverse character.


Staircase picture frame set

A staircase picture frame set from bimago's collection is one of the most accessible art out there. The posters are lightweight, they can be mounted using only mounting strips, without the need to ask the tired husband to make unnecessary holes in your walls. Thanks to this feature you can hang them in any position that you wish. The frameless posters can even be hung on a string creating a one-of-a-kind wall decoration. Regardless which form of installation you decide to choose you can rest assured – your staircase gallery will bedeck your wall in no time at all. It has never been easier, just scroll through our rich collection, pick the right graphics for you, order and in a few days’ time you will enjoy the new, fresh feel of your staircase.

Wall art for staircase

Poster sets for the staircase are a perfect way to modernise your home and fill it with colour. Bimago's poster sets for the staircase are a collection of versatile wall decorations that will enchant both household members and guests. Framed poster sets for the staircase are a collection that will fit perfectly in a small hallway, a spacious corridor, and above the stairs. Combine staircase poster sets with wall mirrors and lighting to create an eye-catching composition. The high-quality print and vibrant colours of bimago's prints ensure the posters will serve for years! Feel free to change the layout and composition of the posters so your gallery above the stairs continues to surprise. Staircase poster sets are an ideal gift idea for loved ones and friends!

Staircase gallery walls

To maintain a cohesive style, opt for ready-made compositions, such as the gallery of posters above the stairs from Bimago, consisting of elements that complement each other and prepared by our designers. Poster sets for staircases — this way, you'll fill the empty space on the staircase and showcase a gallery. Among the motifs available at Bimago, you'll find minimalist black and white graphics, galleries inspired by tropical leaves and holiday motifs, or eclectic and original compositions inspired by street art from Banksy and abstract patterns in vivid colours. There's nothing like a framed poster set for staircases to revitalise your space! Our posters are printed on high-quality paper and framed in a sturdy frame. Frames are designed to protect the print and enhance its colours. The poster set collection for staircases is a perfect decorative proposition for any interior!