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Stylish posters are modern decorations, which enjoy enduring popularity and allow for a quick and inexpensive metamorphosis of an arrangement. Wall compositions created from several posters kept in a consistent colour scheme or theme are an interesting proposal. A set of posters for rooms are an original decorative solution, perfect for a living room or bedroom, where it will be a strong accent unifying the whole arrangement. In the bimago collection, we offer ready-made sets of posters, precisely suited for the rooms.

Picture wall for the room

Regardless if you want to decorate a living room, bedroom, hallway or maybe a child's room, rest assured that you will find the perfect theme for all of these and even more, right here at bimago. If you decide to go for the frameless form of the image of your choice, you can bring even more creativity into your interior. Just choose some pictures from our offer and create your own wall gallery in no time. When you decide to decorate your interior with a picture gallery, it is often a good idea to first determine its shape and common theme. By putting together, a complex gallery from several graphics, you can introduce a fascinating decorative feature that will completely transform your living space. Thanks to bimago’s gallery walls for rooms, you can not only give your interior a fresh look, but also freshen it up by adding new images from our rich collection to your current composition. The posters are lightweight so they can be mounted on the wall using just mounting strips. This way you can avoid unnecessary holes in your walls and the whole messy process of drilling. Moreover, this feature gives you the freedom to arrange the gallery of posters any way you wish. Align them in a perfect line and introduce an orderly feel to the room or do just the opposite – pop them on your wall in a completely abstract way to give the space a fresh, stylish look. It is enough if you change the order of the pictures and the room gets a new feeling. Adding pictures has never been easier. Simply choose the perfect image, order it on our intuitive website and enjoy an even fresher look thanks to the new addition in your gallery. Would you rather go for a poster or a canvas picture, with or without a frame? The choice between different sizes and accessories is at your fingertips.